10 Places To Visit And Get Away From The Pandemic


This pandemic has affected a lot of our students. Many of them have been stuck at home for the last six months and haven’t had many opportunities to enjoy life.

“There weren’t many places to go to and do anything,” senior Kimberly Rodriguez said. “So I would just be bored at home.”

Many students missed going out and being able to hang out with their family and friends. The hope is that with the pandemic rules lightening up little by little, students might get a chance to get out more.

“COVID-19 really gave me a tough time because I wasn’t able to see friends and family which really sucked,” senior Francisco Rodriguez said.

Once again giving room for fun activities to entertain ourselves! Here’s a list of 10 places you can visit during this pandemic:

Roller Skating Rink

Is a safe and neutral environment you could enjoy your time in, while wearing a mask and always keeping your distance of course. 

“Roller skating was fun, and it’s good to know there were precautions that were taken with everything going on,” senior Jaylien Sevilla said.

Drive-In Movie Theaters

Going to watch a movie at one of the drive-ins available here in Vegas is a great way to spend your time while also taking all necessary COVID-19 precautions.

“Going to the drive-ins was one of the safest activities to do during this pandemic and I had fun,” junior Jose Garcia said.

Walk the Strip

Going for a walk on the strip to look at all the city lights isn’t much of a bad idea either, especially since we’ve been stuck in our houses during this quarantine. 

High Roller

Getting on the High Roller at the Link during this time wouldn’t be a bad idea. It consists of a 30 min ride, giving you a nice and luminous view of Vegas. Not only that, but they let you have your own little space bubble!

“It’s private, it’s clean. It’s safe and fun especially during the pandemic when there’s not much to do,” senior Giselle Galvan said.

Go on a Hike

Hiking is a free and fun activity you can do during your free time during this quarantine. It gives you a view of our beautiful nature, and makes you appreciate nature more. 

Hershey’s Chocolate World

Giving this shop located on the Las Vegas Strip a visit would be fun as well as informative since it does go into the facts and history of chocolate, and inclusively, it’s free to give a quick visit!


Going to any local park is also a great way to pass the time, and enjoy the outside weather.

“Visiting the park gave good vibes, and that was needed with everything going on in the world,” senior Cheryl Edenfield said.

Welcome to Las Vegas sign

As a local, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go give the Welcome to Vegas sign a little visit, as well as to take pictures and have a good time.

Grand Canyon

Using this quarantine time to go on a trip with your family and enjoy the view at the Grand Canyon would be great for your mind and body.

Going for a drive

Going for a simple drive through the city would also be a great activity that would keep you safe from coronavirus since you wont be around anyone, just going for a cruise in your car.