My Struggles Dealing With Online Learning At Home


Shannon Gomez-Diaz, Copy Editor

Imagine sitting in front of a computer screen for eight plus hours every single day. Your aching back, your eyes burning, yawning every second, and feeling your stress pile on.

This is what students now have as their new normal, they have to sit with their eyes locked to a screen for more than eight hours. Those hours include their actual virtual lesson and the hours it may take for them to do their homework. 

Due to the coronavirus, states nationwide have turned to doing online school rather than having students close to each other in school, definitely not following the six feet distance, and because of this students are having a hard time with school and some students truly hate it.

Adults may be thinking that we students have it easy because we get to chill at home, in our pajamas while we do school instead of waking up super early, getting ready and dealing with teachers face to face, but they do not think about how some students have trouble finding the motivation to get up and actually get on their computer and join their class calls.

These past weeks, I myself have had trouble finding that motivation to join my classes because I can’t learn here at home, as opposed to school where I had someone making sure I was getting my work done and here at home I don’t have that and many other kids either. 

Yes, my mom makes sure I’m doing good in school and keeping up with my grades, but she’s not on my back 24/7 making sure my work is getting done and I definitely don’t blame her because that is my own responsibility and she’s not in charge of that.

There are kids who do it the same way, they don’t have people at home motivating them to do their work and staying on top of them which makes it even more difficult for them to truly turn in everything they need to and stay on top of things.

I have also noticed that some teachers aren’t making it easier on students by assigning less work, but they are stacking assignments after assignments.

Some teachers don’t realize that we students have other priorities and can’t spend our whole day on the computer completing the work they assign.

Because of this, I have found myself letting my assignments pile up instead of doing them right at that moment because I let myself think “oh yeah I have time now that I’m at home,” but that’s definitely not the case.

I, like many other students, have a job that takes up the other half of my day. Once I’m done with school, I have about two hours to clean up the house and take care of other things, before I have to head to work.

In those two hours I’m not focused on getting my work done because I tell myself I’ll have time to do it once I get back home, but then I get home super tired and I’m ready to dive into bed instead of doing my homework.

WIth doing online school not only do you lose motivation, but you grow to become extremely lazy. You find yourself not even paying attention to the virtual lessons and instead scrolling through social media.

Online school is clearly not the easiest thing and although it is keeping me, other students, teachers, and other staff members safe from the virus, I’m not happy that I have to spend this year on a computer everyday.