Why is the U.S. Reacting So Badly To COVID-19 Compared To Other Countries?


The U.S. has always been known as a world power. Yet recently the U.S. has been receiving criticism about how they have dealt with the coronavirus.

Many citizens blame the president and the government for not reacting fast enough or not taking the virus as seriously as it should have.

One of the most shocking facts is how behind the U.S. is with dealing with the virus. While many countries have had the amount of cases go down, the U.S. has had the opposite happen.

According to John Hopkins University, the U.S.  is currently sixth in deaths caused by coronavirus per 100,000 people only behind poorer countries like Peru, Brazil, Chile, and Bolivia with the only other well off country being Spain.

“I don’t think people reacted very positively,” said geometry teacher Ms. Geesaman. ““I think we needed to start earlier. We eventually did.”

It is known that the president has known about the coronavirus since February. This has caused an uproar from many people who have been claiming the U.S. had not reacted fast enough.

“We sure are losing a lot of people,” said senior Vanessa Cruz. “This could have been stopped if we had taken care of the issue earlier and faster.”

With movements going on in the U.S. like anti-mask protests going on predominantly in the U.S., the question has to be asked, why is this so unique to America?

“It seems to be an American attitude,” said world history teacher Ms. Ives, “that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. In other countries I think they have listened a lot better.”

“It seems that many of these cases can come from uneducated or just ignorant people who spread the virus on to others,” said Cruz.

“I really think that as a whole we need to be aware of our family, our people, our humanity,” said Geesaman. “We need to work for everyone and not just be so selfish.”

A big reason there is such a huge divide on how people view the government’s actions against the virus is the amount of inconsistent information given to the people by politicians and the news has caused a great divide between the people.

Ives believes that while a lot of information isn’t well supported, we still must do our best to protect ourselves and others.

“We have a duty to our own people and our families,” said Ives, “to do everything we can to contain an outbreak like this.”

In many countries very similar to the U.S. like the United Kingdom and Canada the amount of new cases has been steadily going down while in the U.S. it has been going up.

The U.S. has made some large steps in putting travel bans on many countries to lower the amount of contamination. This at first was highly criticized, but has now been seen as a wise decision that could have been made sooner.

And the government has been actively telling people not to go outside to public places unless for essential reasons. Yet it seems that the reopening of many businesses could make the virus much more wide spread again.

“I personally cut all travel plans out,” said Ives. “I don’t go to the strip and I’m not really going out to restaurants.”

The U.S. has received a whole lot of criticism for and is constantly being compared to other countries.

And it seems that many of these cases can come from uneducated or just ignorant people who spread the virus on to others.

“I just hope that young people don’t have to learn the hard way,” said Ives. “These are mistakes that can affect people for a lifetime and we just don’t know the long term effects.”