Teachers Finding Online Learning To Be A New Challenge

The school year is quite different this year, as everyone knows, and as we start a new and interesting chapter, we can’t help but reminisce about how school used to be.

As we go into a new year of online education, students and staff alike think about the previous year when they were able to see people face to face.

“In many ‘classes’ it feels like I’m lecturing to email icons,” said English teacher Mr. Nielson. “I miss hearing student’s views when they partner, discuss, and share out anything from Shakespearean analysis to an opinion on Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.”

While it might seem like some teachers do not care for their students, in reality some teachers care about students almost as much as they do their own selves.

In addition, most teachers, if they had the power, would want to go back to the way things were because it can be hard on them as well.

“There’s a lot I wish was different this year, but some of those things aren’t the kinds of things I can do anything about,” said English teacher Ms. Wall. “I guess what I wish I could do differently would be just to find the strength to keep going, face the day, and do the next right thing.”

This new school year, although it shows promise, it does not mean people at Sunrise Mountain won’t miss what they had at school.

When put into perspective, staff and students alike do not have mostly different views on the matter. When students were asked about school, they gave similar, if not the same, responses.

“I’m more of an ‘in-person’ learner,” said senior Alexis Conrad. “I miss being able to talk and communicate with my friends and teachers about certain things.”

Other students feel like although online school was one of the only options, it just isn’t as good as last year’s system.

“I miss the social part of school as well being able to work at school and rest at home,” said senior Alondra De La Torre Beltran. “Now it feels like you mixed work with home, they don’t go together.”

The action of reminiscing has always been a privilege to people who are in less than adequate situations, but now, while we stay inside, reminiscing is the only thing people can do.

School as of lately has been a touchy subject for most, but with hope, determination, and the willingness to stay safe and keep others safe we can get back to the way it used to be.