Sunrise Mountain’s Arthur Davis Remembered After Sudden Death

Sunrise Mountains Arthur Davis Remembered After Sudden Death

Keyana Williams, Special Sections Editor

Tragedy struck for Las Vegas on Oct. 1st when one of our beloved students at Sunrise Mountain High School, Arthur Davis, was taken suddenly in an unexpected incident. 

Arthur and friends were playing a video game, soon after Arthur and another boy got into an altercation over the game ultimately leading to Arthur’s death.

Arthur was just starting his junior year here at Sunrise Mountain and had planned to get into activities once school went back to being in person.

“Last time I talked to him, we talked about getting him his driving permit and maybe getting him into cross-country,” said drivers Ed/Health teacher and cross-country coach Mr. Ray. 

Once the news broke, it hit a lot of our Sunrise Mountains Miners and staff very hard.

“I always thought he was a good kid,” Ray said, “Ms. Nuanez called me the next day and broke the news…it definitely hit me.”

Driver’s Ed/Health was one of the classes Arthur thrived in the most and Mr. Ray did engage with him and wanted to keep him on track. 

He also did well in his other classes and the information of his passing definitely affected his other teachers.

“He was humble, fun-loving, who was very personable,” social studies teacher Mrs. Ives said, “I did not see him outside of the classroom, however, he was always smiling and did brighten my day.”

Many teachers said similar great things, Arthur really was an exceptional student for all of his classes.

“I remember Arthur as easy to be with and very friendly with all students,” Physical Science teacher Mr. Panaligan said, “He was very respectful to me and always willing to follow directions during class.”

This loss may have been hard for staff but it was his friends and family who felt the most pain.

The people that were around him, the people who got to experience his presence everyday will no longer have that.

“He was a great friend and would always make sure I was OK,” sophomore Olivia Fox said.  “He was such a sweetheart. He was never mean. Our relationship was amazing. We had a great bond. I just wish it hadn’t ended.”

Along with the many other friends Arthur had, it will be difficult to find someone who will be just as good of a friend he was.

“Bro was cool and kind of laid back,” said junior Mario Grubbs, “He wanted to be a rapper. He loved music. We would sit in the back of the class and just freestyle.”

Unfortunately, his bright spirit will no longer be here physically, but he will remain in loved ones hearts forever.

It’s never someone you’d expect to be taken so soon, that’s why it’s important we appreciate and love our family and friends while they are still here because you never know when you won’t see them anymore.

R.I.P Arthur Davis