Online Learning Especially Challenging For Single Parents


Diana Galvan, Staff Writer

Online school has been a struggle for many students as well as parents. Many students have single parents and it’s most likely not very easy for both parents and students.

COVID-19 has most likely made it even more difficult for single parents. Many people lost their jobs which means supporting their families became a little bit more difficult.

Now parents have to feed their children 3-4 times a day, find supervision for their children while they’re at work, pay bills, and etc…

Single parents have a big load on their backs, but students living in a single parent household can be difficult too. They have to do all their homework, help their parents around the house, help their siblings (if they have siblings), and etc…

Helping siblings may not seem difficult, but some students may have to take care of them while their parents are working. This includes helping them with homework or school, feeding them, getting them dressed and so much more.

It may seem simple, but it can be very stressful for students and their parents. Some students may have to work after school to support their families as well, which can be a lot to juggle.

“I’ve seen lots of students having to help their parents care for their younger siblings,” Ms. Valencia said. “These students are helping their siblings with homework, feeding them, and caring for them. This adds a lot of responsibility on students.”

Now that virtual school is a thing, parents not only have to provide for their children but they have to be tutors.

Some parents may not understand the curriculum a student is learning and may have to get them a tutor which may cause them more stress. 

Parents now also have to find supervision for their children while at work. Before COVID-19, parents could always rely on school and afterschool activities/clubs while they were at work.

“I think it is difficult for single parents because they are trying to find ways to monitor their students online and make sure that they do their school work,” assistant principal Ms. Shive said. “However, they are also busy as parents working and trying to maintain their households.”

This may also affect students’ mental health and physical health. Students received free breakfast and lunch at school. Now they may not be able to have breakfast every morning if they don’t have access to food distribution centers.

Some students may not get along well with their parents or they may not be close to that parent, which can add more to their plate.

“I think that a kid can struggle being in a single parent home because they may not be close to that parent,” sophomore Jadyn Godfrey said. “But they may not have any other choice but to live with them.”

Students not being close to their parents or not getting along with them can affect students’ mental health. It may cause a student to become depressed and more stressed.

Students already have a lot going on with school and having to get their schoolwork done. Not having a good bond or relationship with their parents will just add more pressure on them.

“Not being close to their parents and not having that relationship can cause a lot of stress on the kid and maybe depression,” Godfrey said. “They may not have anyone to talk to about their problems and keep everything bottled up.”

Both students and parents can be affected mentally. Parents may have a lot on their shoulders with paying rent and providing for their children.

Children supervision can be expensive and as said before those after school activities/clubs aren’t available, and free school meals aren’t either. 

Parents have a lot of responsibilities. Not having a partner or someone to support them can be a lot and very stressful. 

“Single parents have been affected in many ways during this pandemic, many of which costing lots of money,” sophomore Jelani Phillips said. “These have been feeding their kids at least two more meals than they had to before, along with giving their child adult supervision.”

Living in a single parent household can be difficult, but older children or family members can always help around the house. Things aren’t always as easy as they seem to be.