Little Has Changed This Year For Applying To Colleges


With the pandemic going on, so many things have changed; for better or worse. Some of the things changing are educational.

Social distancing is in full effect and students are distance learning for the time being. The class of 2021 and possibly 2022 could be impacted by these problems. 

Now, many students want to start applying for colleges and universities. However, has there been any changes to their regulations when applying?

That I know of, I don’t think colleges/universities have made much changes for the upcoming applicants,” stated CIS staff, Ms. Barajas. “At least when I checked the UNLV and CSN websites, the requirements remain the same.”

As of right now according to Barajas, the requirements have not changed and are the same as always. 

With that being said, students should still be putting in the work if they want to apply to one of these colleges.

“No, local colleges are not changing their requirements this year,” said the college and career teacher, Mr. Ramos. “ACT scores are asked for more than SAT. If you meet the GPA requirements for the universities and colleges out here they only need test scores for placement in classes. If you don’t meet GPA requirements some will use your ACT and depending on how high you score you may be eligible.”

For our local colleges, you at least need to have one of the requirements to be eligible and accepted into these places. 

All you need to do is have these prerequisites and keep up the work to be admitted into CSN, UNLV, or any other local college you want to attend.

Now, do the students believe the regulations should be changed?

“Yes, I’d like to think so,” voiced senior Alexis Conrad. “It’s not easy for anyone, mainly the kids. I get that we’re older and should be more responsible, but not everyone can meet those standards that people have of them with everything that is happening.

“Online schooling is hard and we’re all trying our best to get through it, but for some it’s draining. Not everyone might have as good of a home as others. We don’t all have the same responsibilities. We all have problems that interfere with school. I just think some things should be taken into consideration with this pandemic going on.”

Some students think that things should be changed when applying. It has been stressing for many kids with this new transition.

School was a way to distract oneself of the things going on at home. But now, school, family, friends, everything is all jumbled up together.

It’s all happening at the same time. Not to forget technical problems is a big issue and they don’t have a specialist to fix it.

“I don’t think colleges should change the requirements for applying just because of the pandemic,” mentioned senior Amanda Duarte. “Students have more time to work on their essays and it would mostly be the same if there was no pandemic. There is still scholarships and people who can help with college entrance essays, the only difference is that they are working on it from home.”

On the other hand, some students believe it is all the same just with a change of scenario. The students still have people that will help them every step of the way with making it into college.

At Sunrise, they have Communities in Schools, the College and Career Center and Upward Bound.

These three resources are huge assets into helping you accomplish your goals; the only difference is that it will be through online meetings or emails. 

The students still have the ability to do everything they could do at school and some believe that the prerequisites should be left the same.

“I believe they should be changing the college admissions process,” said senior Jose Parra. “We are living through something that is life changing to all of us and it’s all new. They need to take that into consideration because all of our priorities are basically thrown at us at the same time.” 

Once again, students are at home, they have all their problems there at once. They have siblings who need help with the computer and other things.

People might think that because they are at home, they have all the time in the world but it’s quite the opposite. 

With this being said, as of now, no changes have been made to applying to our local colleges. 

The help is always here if you need it, Mr. Ramos email is [email protected] and Ms. Barajas email, [email protected] or you can find them in the school’s website. You can contact them not just for college, but for anything you want to do after high school.