A Quarantine’s Guide To Connecting With Friends


As we sulk and sunder in a dream so weak and weary many people are wondering; how can we connect with friends and family if we cannot be with them?

The answer is quite simple, the internet. With our online and virtual worlds expanding everyday we find new ways to interact with people and old ways some may have forgotten.

Whether it be texting or calling that we use on a daily basis or new and more interactive ways we can connect to those we cannot physically be there for.


Social Media

One of the best ways, if not the most common way of connecting with people, is that of the use of social media apps such as Instagram, Messenger, Snapchat, etc. 

Social media usage has skyrocketed from day one of quarantine. According to a New York Times article, the Facebook website showed a 27.0% increase in usage when quarantine started.

“Connecting with friends during a pandemic is easy,” said senior Jaden Reagan. “You can just use what you already have to your advantage like Google Meet calls, just regular texting, or contact through other social media platforms.”

However, when meeting new people the more well known apps aren’t really used for that, which gives more leeway for the more underwhelmed apps such as discord or even reddit. 

“Outside of people you already know, I think it’s difficult to connect with people,” said Reagan. “Unless you become a part of some sort of online community, like a discord server.”

These kinds of apps are used for finding and creating communities of people who share similar interests and hobbies with a plethora of other people who come from different backgrounds.

Video Games

Although social media is the easiest way to connect to others, the platforms can only do so much in terms of excitement. The solution to this problem is video games.

Most online and digital games allow users to interact with each other while maintaining a fun and entertaining atmosphere to help people realize that quarantine doesn’t mean you are alone.

One of the more popular games, that swept up the world by surprise is Among Us; a secret killer/murder mystery kind of game that encourages cooperation among the players.

“Among Us brought all my friends together,” said Desert Pines student Jaylyn Bouie. “We have to problem solve together in a fun way.”

In addition to an in-game text communication option, many people use the use of social media calls to help with discussions in the game.

Nonetheless, even though Among Us is one of if not the most played games this year, both google and apple play store have multitudes of both similar and different games.

Streaming Platform Sharers

Like social media, streaming platform sharers have the ability to text and talk during the sharing of a form of streaming such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Although applications and websites such as these may be looked down upon, in the midst of a pandemic they are the closest thing to normal life and allow them to discuss videos.

One application in particular allows people to watch streaming services with friends and allows either in-app calling or text options to communicate, this app is known as Rave.

“Rave is a good way to stay safe and also feel connected to those around you,” said senior Alondra Delatorre. “You have an option to talk to each other while the video is playing or you can use the chat to talk without interrupting the video!”

Furthermore, another app that people don’t know that well as well is the app Netflix Party which, like the name, creates an online group that syncs the playback of a Netflix show or movie.

“I haven’t heard of it, but it sounds cool,” said senior Alexis Conrad. “It may not be ‘in person’ bonding, but it’s something.”