Even With The Extra Time, Not All Students Are Eating Breakfast Every Morning

Students sometimes prefer home breakfast or school breakfast. Some started eating now that there’s online school and some still don’t.

“Honestly yes, I feel like we are now most likely to eat breakfast,” sophomore Michelle Preciado said. “Since we are home, I make my own coffee now and at school I only ate sometimes.

Some students started to make their own breakfast which is their choice. Unlike school, there’s days where they do and don’t like what’s served.

“I have no idea, I would guess they do have something small at point during the morning,” said world history teacher Mr. Mohrbacher.

Students should have breakfast or some to time to eat at least anytime in the morning portion for nutrients and energy for the rest of the day.

“I liked to eat breakfast at school but it wasn’t that good, but at home it gives me a better option and tastes better,” said sophomore Carlos Armendariz.

Some students have better options to eat at home and like how it tastes, but also ate at school even they didn’t like it as much.

“It depends on your family traditions,” said English teacher Mr. Porter. “Some families sit down and eat breakfast in the morning while other families serve themselves.”

Families have different types of ways to eat their breakfast. Some sit all together to eat and other families eat at different times and serve themselves.

“I don’t like breakfast but think that’s a personal thing, because don’t like eating when I just woke up. I eat when I’m done with my classes,” said freshman Alexis Medina.

When waking up, some students don’t like breakfast and find it weird eating in the morning and like eating after all their classes.

“I would, I know my athletes ate at school because they had morning practice and would be hungry afterwards,” said PE teacher Ms. Teague.

Athlete teachers would see their athletes eat since they had morning practices and came out hungry from them so needed to eat whatever was there to eat.

“I eat now because don’t have to rush anymore,” said sophomore Arleth Martin-Martin. “I wouldn’t eat much when I went to school because I had bus and had to be in a rush.”

Rushing was a big thing when going to school because some students had to take the bus, while others woke up late and wouldn’t get time to eat breakfast at school.

Some students don’t eat now and did not eat before because they just don’t get hungry like that and eat late when they do.

“Well never ate at school and still don’t eat until like 3 p.m., because I’m never hungry,” said freshman Joseph Esparza.

“I don’t eat breakfast because I first do school and finish it at 2:10,” said freshman Salvador Olea Ocampo. After that take a shower and after that eat, so at 3:30 p.m.”

Some students eat until they’re done with everything such as school, showering etc. Eating after being done with everything is something students like to do.

“I believe yes but only 30 percent of them because at 8 a.m., some students are barely rolling out of bed so they eat afterwards,” said social studies teacher Ms. Ives.

Students eat in class or afterwards because they wake up late or wake up when class is about to start.

“I think we eat breakfast now that we are home then at school, because of the variety of choices at home,” said sophomore Jose Antonio Morales.

Breakfast has been a yes and no thing since some students are more comfortable at home than school and have more options to as others did not eat before and still don’t eat.