The Meaning Behind ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement


When it comes to the phrase “Black Lives Matter,” you think of empowerment, awareness, change. 

This political and social movement brings acknowledgement to the endangerment of African Americans everywhere.

“It’s a fight for equality and an end to systematic racism,” said English teacher Mr. Porter.

For the past six months, the Black Lives Matter movement has risen to become a huge topic in the world due to the death of George Floyd.

Geroge Floyd was a 46-year-old African American man who was killed by a white police officer. The officer purposely put his knee on Floyds neck, constricting his airway and ultimately causing his death.

Ever since, there has been a recognition of the black lives that have been and are continuing to be taken. Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Elijah McClain, Trayvon Martin, and the list goes on.

This movement is a huge eye opener for those unaware of how unprotected black people are in America and (try to avoid opinion)that it’s just now somewhat shedding light on the issue when it’s been a problem for years.

“We all know there is racial injustice, but we don’t tend to give it the amount of attention that it should have,” said social studies teacher Ms. Valencia. “I feel like BLM reminded us all, especially those who aren’t experiencing racial injustice often (if ever), about issues that continue to affect black people. Some people don’t understand the movement and think that it divides people. BLM has created unity.”

Although attention has been brought to the black people who have passed away, nothing is really being done for them and that’s one of the biggest things this movement is fighting for.

The police and people who have brought harm to African Americans over time haven’t really been punished, leaving many people without justice and closure for their loved one.

“I think it’s really the world we live in, our justice system, our leaders have failed the black community and there isn’t much being done to fix the mistakes,” said junior Skyla Sanchez.

There have been many positives that have come from this movement. People of color have been able to be a lot more vocal about the way they’ve been treated.

Along with people of color, many people of different races from all over the world have shown their support for the BLM movement, which has really helped push this topic to keep going.

“People are exercising their freedom of speech, the right to assemble, and advocating for people to speak out,” social studies teacher Ms. Smith said. “Organizations are working with cities and towns to help mend inequalities.”

African Americans just want to be seen as equal. Now, finally they get the chance to shed light and show others what they are choosing to not see, the racism, the discriminaion amongst our country.

Black Lives Matter is more than a movement; it’s a way of life,” said English teacher Mr. Paul. “It’s where us black people utilize our voice to let America know we matter as well. With everything that’s been going on forever and especially now, it shows the black life isn’t valued. We’ve seen that America values drywall more than a Black life and this is where you get a mere glimpse of how our lives aren’t valued-aren’t cared about. We simply want to matter just as well as everyone else’s lives.”

Black Lives Matter has become a phenomenon that will forever be a part of history. BLM gives African Americans the voice they weren’t able to have before.

This movement has really brought together people from all walks of life to show that our lives do matter, we are making enough noise to finally be heard.