Showing School Spirit Is Challenging, But Essential In These Times

The Sunrise Mountain Miners face another challenge as students continue to practice virtual school due to the pandemic that has struck the world. 

Something that seemed so normal to experience during physical school, is leaving students and administrators at an impasse to how they would distribute what is known as school spirit. 

School spirit is what ties the whole community together, and current times make a great example to show how Sunrise Mountain deals with triumphs with positivity. 

Being virtual causes the Student Council to explore ideas and think outside of the box on how they could do things we once did at school — but over a computer.

“I think that the best way students can show their school spirit while being virtual is through social media and their Google Meet sessions with their teachers,” said assistant principal Ms. Loewy.

Social media plays a gigantic role in how school spirit can be shown. The media already has a large engagement towards our students, so it would bring a large audience towards the announcements.

“We have been in talks about hosting more virtual events through STUCO (virtual talent shows, competitions between the grade levels, trying to get more followers on Instagram by giving some kind of incentive if we read a certain number of followers,” said Loewy. 

These out of the box ideas are crucial to make students entertained and drawn to school activities. However, they are only possible with student engagement. 

“For school spirit this year we are relying heavily on our social media,” said Student Council advisor Ms. Jodoin. “Students can tag us as well as use the created hashtags for certain events to show school spirit.”

Student Council has started to assign hashtags to every post related to Sunrise Mountain High School. The hashtag allows StuCo to keep track of everyone showing school spirit, and easy access to choose any future giveaway winners. 

“I feel like school spirit will work virtually if we all take part in the dress up days and hashtags,” said Senior Vice President Alana Nevitt. “We will make it more fun and have everyone participate, but it just takes time.” 

Students who are participating on school spirit days on their social media, spread the word around that it is going on. Thus, students will want to be a part of it since a majority is participating. 

“I believe people can show school spirit by involving themselves in such things like events we have going on,” said Junior Class President Kevin Pareja. “They can also tag us through Instagram, as well.” 

As social media is a gigantic part of how students will be able to interact with school spirit, it is necessary to have students be part of all the fun activities since they are the force of the whole school. 

Without students and staff joining in on all the fun, there would be no spirit during spirit weeks! Having social media then leads to student/staff engagement, which causes the overall spirit to soar because of how much participation there is!

“I think school spirit is going to be possible if we engage more with the students and find out what kind of things they’d be interested in,” said Sophomore Class Historian Janaeya Kaho’ Okano. 

Of course, we have to consider the happiness of the ones Spirit Weeks are being targeted towards. That is why constructive criticism, polls, conversations, and so much more take place in order to get the best results possible of a great Spirit Week.

The need for spirit is at an all time high because of current circumstances. Sunrise Mountain is creating history with this being our first virtual year with virtual Spirit Weeks and events! 

Students make sure to stay intact with Student Council announcements on their Instagram @mountainstuco! Any posts regarding SMHS will go under the hashtags, “MinerSpirit” and “MinerStuCo.”