Athletes Hope Sports Will Return During Second Semester


Photo by Isabellah Duran

With seasons being cancelled the first semester of school, athletes feel worried that they might never play this school year. That leaves the athletes anxious about when they will be able to play again. 

Many athletes are devastated that their seasons are canceled, but maybe there might be hope in January. 

“Sports are planned to return in January, but if cases are soaring then we have to wait and see what happens next,” said athletic director Mr. Nuanez. “ I hope sports do come back.” 

Every athlete is handling it differently. Some athletes understand the problem that is going on.

With the seasons being pushed back I know it’s the absolute best thing to do considering everyone’s circumstances,” said senior basketball player Ay-Reonn Oliphant. “If we were to not push it back, we would have an increase in cases and risk those around us.”

Also coaches are going to take precautions when sports return. Many coaches have plans.

“Golf is pretty easy to stay safe, since it’s a non-contact sport. Getting to and from practice and matches as a group will be the main challenge,” said boys/girls golf coach Mr. Schwing. “I plan on using CCSD’s and the CDC’s guidelines to help ensure the safety of my athletes and myself.”

Many athletes are using this time to focus on getting better. Learn new techniques, or focus more on school work. 

“I have no problem with the soccer season being pushed back,” said senior soccer player Joseline Mozqueda. “I am actually using this time to focus on getting better. I am handling this situation with a positive attitude, because I understand much can’t be changed.”

Athletes will follow the CCSD’s guidelines to ensure their safety and the people around them. Athletes know that the school district is doing everything in  their power to bring sports back.

With the pandemic going on and cases still soaring, sports will have to be on pause for now.