Quarantine Has Some Positive Aspects For Us As Well


Let’s take a look back at the beginning of 2020. We were happy to finally hit this year and felt that this year was going to be “the year.” Well at least that’s how I felt. However, 20 days into 2020, we see news about a confirmed case of a new virus known as the coronavirus, and BOOM! Months later a list of states are set to quarantine to lower the spread as case numbers hit.

Here in Nevada, Governor Steve Sisolak declared a state of emergency on Mar. 12, 2020, but the next day we were still sent to school, because school wasn’t announced to close officially until March 16th.

I remember that last Friday, Friday the 13th,  a lot of people didn’t show up to school, the whole day felt a little off and weird. It wasn’t a normal, happy Friday where you felt excited to go home and enjoy your weekend.

I was in ceramics which was my last class period of the day talking to my friends about the virus and we were just making jokes about it because we thought it wasn’t anything super serious. Oh were we wrong.

School was almost over when we heard an announcement given by the principal Mr. Adams, announcing we weren’t going to return to school till after spring break due to the orders of Governor Sisolak.

The class was filled with smiles due to the fact we were leaving for an early spring break. I remember cleaning up my table and putting my clay away, thinking I’d get to finish it when we’d come back.

BOOM! Eight months later, we are still dealing with the virus, never returned to school and had to quarantine way longer than those two weeks. 

Through the months of having to quarantine, people were feeling angry and depressed, yet some were feeling happy and thankful. 

Quarantine had people going crazy in stores, stocking up as if we were experiencing a zombie apocalypse. People went bonkers to purchase toilet paper, Lysol, and other cleaning supplies.

For me, I wasn’t taking quarantine seriously whatsoever. I was going out like it was nothing, I saw people masked up and gloved up, but me? Nothing, it was a joke to me at the time.

People were basically ordered to stay locked in their houses for weeks with no outside physical communication with other people. People were losing their minds.

With being months deep into this pandemic some people’s thoughts and feelings have changed. There are some who still believe this virus is a game, but there are also some who aren’t playing with COVID-19.

With being quarantined for so long, people learned to adapt. They’ve learned to appreciate their freedom more and appreciate the little things we’ve got taken away.

We no longer get to attend concerts, parties, and see people’s actual faces everywhere you turn. This virus changed people for the better.

With so many deaths caused by this virus, people are realizing life is too short to not appreciate the things you have in your life. 

I believe quarantine has changed people for the better, it made them grasp the fact that life can hit you with a huge obstacle and you can’t do anything, but adapt.