Teaching Young Kids To See Through Skin Color Is Critical


Perla Gomez Mancilla, Staff Writer

Teaching young kids to see through someone’s skin color is something very important, because discrimination is very real.

Some kids are taught about this since they are very young. Some are taught that they shouldn’t talk to certain people, because they don’t look like them.

Others are taught to treat everyone equally no matter what they look like or if they are different in any way.

“You can’t teach that,” senior Daniel Franco said. “What’s taught is racism. Kids aren’t born with the knowledge to dislike people based on color. That is what gets taught.”

Sadly it’s true. Kids aren’t born knowing who they can and can’t like. They have that choice, but of course, their parents have a lot to do with that.

Parents are the ones who teach you right from wrong, so parents are going to teach their children their beliefs, which in turn influences the kids’ beliefs.

If a kid grows up with a racist parent the chances of the racism sticking with the kid is pretty high. 

If you teach your kids to treat everyone the same it’s most likely they will grow up and treat everyone equally.

“I think that if you teach your kids to treat everyone the same and with respect and to be fair with everyone then they should understand,” senior Audrey Hernandez said. “As they grow up they will realize that someone’s skin color doesn’t matter.”

Teaching kids that people are more than what they look like is important, because it’s not about someone’s appearance it’s about what type of people they are. 

“Well I would explain to kids that it doesn’t matter what color people are, senior Jaden Jhonson said. “They are human and feel emotions.”

It’s not just about discrimination its also about treating everyone with respect. You have to treat others the way you want to be treated.

“Don’t judge or treat someone unfairly based on the color of their skin,” senior Sha’ron Washington said. “Treat people how you would want to be treated and view others how you want to be viewed. Ignorance comes in all shapes and colors, don’t be the one who is involved with it.

Parents teaching their children respect is a big thing, because their kids will grow knowing how to treat others and knowing how they want to be treated.

Parents who don’t teach their kids about that usually treat others very wrong but expect to be treated with respect, and because of that they tend to get disrespected because they are viewing it wrong.

“To tell young kids that everyone is beautiful regardless of what they look like/who they are,” senior Jennifer Cortez said. “I would read books to them and educate them on our society today. No matter what skin color you are you should be treated with the same respect. Skin color doesn’t make anyone better or worse.”

It’s important to teach kids at a young age that they can know right from wrong and they can treat others with respect and get treated with respect.