Teachers Dealing With Academic Struggles Online


Virtual school has impacted many teachers, students, and staff but not in a good way. Many things have gone downhill.

So many students are failing their classes this year because of virtual school, something we have never done before. 

“It was a challenge not just for me,” said teacher Mr. Ray, “but the students too.”

Some teachers probably knew we were heading towards something bad. However, they probably didn’t imagine it to be this bad.

Some students believed this was going to be better. That is until the first couple weeks of virtual school and the assignments started to pile up..

¨Most people thought that virtual school was going to be easy because you could just cheat or because you won’t have to be early in the morning to make it in time,¨ said freshman Ivy Fisher. ¨Assignments are hard and not that easy to just cheat and if you cheat you’re not learning anything.”

Many teachers have seen a major decrease in student’s grades since the year began. This is due to students turning in incomplete assignments or maybe not even turn them in.

“In my observations, attendance for live sessions has been poor,” said Ray. “The mental health state of students has been low as we are confined to our houses and not having the social health in our lives that school teaches us when we are all together.”

There are many reasons why there is a change in students’ progress and many people are aware of this. Physical, mental, and emotional health are all reasons for this change.

“I feel like our personal lives are so wild now that what’s the point in trying to pass,” said senior Michelle Chavez. “There’s no interaction between students unless it’s in the chat and some teachers get salty when you try to talk to each other in chat. Deadlines are like so hard to meet now that I and many others have jobs to worry about.”

Many people give up trying because they are not motivated and possibly even if they try they still won’t be. This is because it’s a different scenery with many distractions.

¨Many students are excelling in online education, while many others are doing poorly,¨ said Ray ¨Those doing poorly need that in person interaction rather than online.¨

Some students learn better in an appropriate learning environment. The way school is being done now is a completely different thing and it is affecting many teachers and students.

¨I think that many students are failing this year because everything online is harder,¨ said Fisher. ¨To complete one assignment you have like a minimum of three tabs up. It could also be because of internet issues and the fact that people are not motivated. Getting up early and getting ready plus actually being in class creates an environment that just makes you work.¨

Students dreaming with a high school diploma, going to college, having the career they have always wanted are also less motivated then when they would go to school. 

Although they don´t know when we will go back to school, they continue to stay strong, motivated, and on track. There are many things that can help you through this.

Believe it or not, teachers and staff are struggling too. They also feel like giving up sometimes but what motivates them is their students. Everyone has at least one person that motivates them.

¨For students to be more motivated to do their work I think that they need to reminded how important education is future wise,¨ said Fisher ¨If you want to be successful and make lots of money the least you can do is graduate high school with good grades.¨

The best thing to do right now is to look at the future you want, and if you really want it, do what you need to do to be there, if not, somewhere better.