There Are Plenty Of Positives To Our Quarantine

There Are Plenty Of Positives To Our Quarantine

This year has been so hectic with the coronavirus outbreak which then led to a worldwide pandemic and being stuck in quarantine for about seven months. 

Most people may not see much of a positive impact on isolation, and a lot of people would agree. It’s hard to see what the value is of staying indoors for 24 hours and seven days a week, with the occasional grocery store run.

On the other hand, looking at it from a different perspective, we can start to see what quarantine has done for us in a positive outlook. 

I personally saw the quarantine gave me the chance to fully reflect on the stuff that I have to be grateful for; along with the people we have with us. 

Some people may not have that luxury of a full family or the technology for school and/or entertainment, which made me think about what I have and how I could use that to help others. 

I’ve seen people going around creating virtual conventions for those who could not experience it this year, along with streaming movies online with a group of people who could not afford a streaming site. 

These people were able to share their luxuries and passions with other people to make this isolation something worth more than sleeping all day. 

During this pandemic, social media has been heavily used for sharing/spreading information, connecting with family and friends, and posting out of boredom. 

Communication is key when being stuck away from those you love, so keeping in touch with them in any way you can is a great way to keep up with having a social life and help keep your mental health in check. These times can be stressful and upsetting without someone or two to mess around with to keep your spirits up. 

Some people may have low mental health because they don’t have those friends around to boost their morals, so usually after school, they tend to take long breaks to chat with friends. Therefore, breaks are OK and are essential in wanting a rather stable mental health. 

It’s very hard to keep up with school if someone’s mental health isn’t put first. Which in a sense, this quarantine has helped us do; finally put ourselves first, whether it’s with eating habits, sleep schedules, or just in general in situations where people think they don’t matter. 

In some people’s eyes, this isolation has helped find peoples worth.