Is School Getting More Stressful Or Less?

The year 2020 has been a year full of challenges, one of them being online school. Students across the country, as well as Sunrise, have to adapt to a new school environment because of the current global pandemic. However, is online school the most effective way of learning?

I think that school is getting more stressful especially now with the pandemic going on. Online isn’t just the same as going to actual school, I feel like I have to learn things on my own,” said junior Darlene Catellanos. “It also really hurts me having to stare at a screen for a long period of time everyday that I usually step away from my computer after school and then I start to lose motivation to do any homework.”

With online school teachers had to shorten their lesson time, instead of having one hour and a half then now have one hour, these shorter lessons seem to be affecting students. Staring at a computer screen for too long can damage your eyesight that’s why there’s breaks in between each class.

Personally, I think it’s getting a bit more stressful. Now that we’re not physically in school it’s harder to reach out to teachers and the work keeps piling up,” said junior Valerie Carillo. “Some teachers don’t take into consideration that we have other classes and other assignments that we need to finish as well.” 

This school year teachers seem to be giving a lot more work to students and they don’t take in consideration there’s other classes students have to take care of. Teachers have hundreds of students and it’s impossible for them to reply quickly to all the emails. There should be a way to communicate faster with teachers and students.

“I believe school is in fact getting more stressful,…Including the amount of people online, things like connection issues and losing learning time because of it,” said junior Yoselin Barboza. “As well as mental health issues due to social or economic problems caused by the pandemic.”

Because CCSD turned all schools into online learning, there’s been a lot of traffic online and it’s affecting students negatively. Often Sunrise students have to miss class because of connection problems, this is another factor of online school that affects grades.

Mental health is something that it’s usually “ignored” or not given as much importance, but with a global pandemic and the stress of school many students suffer from different mental health problems and it’s harder to focus on school.

“Teachers are assigning more work than usual while I have seven classes in total and deadlines in the same exact week,” said junior Jeyson Coreas. 

The amount of work students have to deal with is more than usual and most of the time they can’t turn it in because there’s not enough time to complete them. This year the late work policy should be changed so it’s easier for students to complete their work and be less stressed.

“During distance education, I have come to understand that this is not an easy way to learn,” said junior Francia Corona, “There are distractions along the way and a constant burden of assignments.”

Everyone has different household situations. It’s not easy for everyone to give their full attention to school if there’s constant distractions. Overall, school is becoming a source of stress for students in Sunrise.