Voting Is An Important Part Of Reaching Adulthood


Amongst young people eligible to vote, the numbers aren’t impressive. Only 50 percent of them vote, according to Junior Scholastic. That can be a problem as it’s one way they can approve or disapprove since their voice counts on picking their president, among other things.

“It’s important for young people to vote due to the fact they will be the ones running how the elections go in the future,” said junior Alan Horta.

Young people voting is important; they are picking who will be the next president/leader for the next few years.

“It’s an opportunity to get your voice heard and choose who you want to represent you and you would like to see for the state,” said assistant principal Ms. Shive.

When you vote you get your voice heard. If you don’t vote and don’t like the new person who will represent, you can’t complain because you didn’t? contribute.

Young people have different opinions than adults, so it’s important for young people to vote so they can get their perspective out there.

“It’s important for young people to vote, because we can make our voices heard,” said Sophomore Jose Antonio Morales. “And make a difference in our state.”

Voting will be making a difference to the state. Young people voting will get their voices to count for the future.

“Everyone has their own rights so young people should vote to stand out,” said junior Anthony Ruiz. “Speak up on big subjects.”

Voting is a mature subject. Before voting you have to read on the presidents and their beliefs and policies. It’s important to see if you’re electing the right or wrong person.

“Young people voting will help to shape society,” said geometry teacher Ms. Geesaman, “and instill their rights.”

Young people should show out their rights of voting. In society only a short amount of votes if young people vote it will help the state.

“It’s really good young people to start worrying about the future,” said sophomore Luis Angel Lara Melara. “Also learn how to vote from early ages.”

Young voters voting from early ages will help in the future. Which will be making a difference in the economy.

“I believe it is important for everyone to vote,” said world history teacher Ms. Ives, “ and take their time to educate themselves about the candidates.”

It’s important for young and older voters to learn about the candidates before voting to help out the nation and choose the right candidate.

“Young voice matters, yes older people may know more about democracy and all presidential candidates,” said  sophomore Gwendolyn Seleste Rugamas Araiza. “But still doesn’t mean young people should be affected by it.”

Older people are more into democracy than young people. However, young people should be voting to help out and read about the election.

Sooner or later the young people will be working for the president and whoever we choose, how it will affect everyone around them. They are young but voting should matter to young voters.

If all young people would vote the state would get how older and younger people have different perspectives and all votes count for the future of the young ones.