Grinch Movies Remains A Classic In Everyone’s Hearts

How the Grinch stole Christmas, a memorable classic that lots of people know and love. It’s still a widely viewed movie that families gather to watch every holiday season.

But why is it so popular? Why do so many people love this tale about a fuzzy green man taking all of the holiday joy from others only to gain that joy into himself at the end.

Well many would say, it teaches a great lesson to the viewers during the holiday season that Christmas doesn’t have to involve material things for people to be happy.

“The Grinch is one of my favorite Christmas movies of all times,” said physics teacher Ms. Soliman. “What I like about the movie is the message of the story, i.e. Christmas is not all about gifts, decorations, and food, but it is about spending time with families and friends, and most of all celebrating the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.”

The story is centered around a mean Grinch who hates Christmas and everything about it. He tries his best to sabotage anything and anyone who celebrates it.

Then, a who named Cindy Lou comes along and makes him see that Christmas is about happiness and being with the ones you love, not just receiving gifts.

“I love the movie because it shows both sides of emotion during the holidays and it’s funny to watch,” junior Katheryn Barajas said. “I believe what makes it so popular is the fact that so many people can relate to the Grinch as they grow older. This and the commentary throughout the film appeals to our generation which makes it enjoyable to watch.”

It’s a well loved movie for many reasons, the first being how entertaining it actually is. Jim Carey, who plays the Grinch, is what really made this movie the family favorite that it is.

The theatrics, the characters, the music all tie into the fun of this movie, but what really makes this movie so great was the message that was shown to the audience.

“I think the sfx, makeup, and the output of its storyline is what makes this movie so popular,” said junior Nalah Maldonado. “I like it because it’s a family Christmas movie that’s not like the rom-com centralized exaggeration of Christmas films.”

Some may relate to the Grinch in his dislike of Christmas because of how overboard and happy the holiday can seem, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not a time for loved ones.

“I like how I can relate to him in some ways,” junior Ashli Laboriante said. “Sometimes feeling like an outcast, and I think others feel the same.”

Even though the Grinch didn’t really have any family or friends, Cindy Lou reached out to him to be his friend so he wouldn’t be alone during the happiest time of the year.

For others, It’s a classic because of how it displays the theme that others can have a change of heart. 

“I really liked the detail they put into the characters,” said junior Karen Curiel. “I also appreciate that it teaches us not everyone is born bad or mean and that bullying people isn’t okay.”

Once Cindy Lou showed the Grinch what the true meaning of Christmas was, his tiny heart grew 3 sizes. He gave all of Whoville their presents back and celebrated Christmas.

“The movie of course is in the style of Dr. Seuss and is very entertaining from that standpoint,” algebra teacher Mr. Costantino said. “ I love the fact it shows that all people are redeemable and can change for the better but sometimes we need to be patient.”

Overall, this movie is a great movie with an even greater message behind it that everyone can take away from.

It will continue to be played every Christmas by families around the world to enjoy.

Happy Holidays