Hybrid Classes Continue To Be Pushed Down Our Calendar


The prospect of hybrid classes at this point seems to be less of a reality and more of a what if. With the board’s decision to not make a decision it seems clear that hybrid classes won’t happen, at least any time soon.
At present it seems that the implantation of hybrid classes will have to wait for a few more months or possibly till next school year. And whether we would start off classes virtually or in hybrid classes next year is still unknown.
Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara had said that he wants to see cases of COVID-19 go down before he starts letting students into campuses. Unfortunately the amount of cases had not been able to decrease enough for this to be safe and feasible.
Of course, people are still very worried about how hybrid classes will potentially be handled. Many people believe that the board’s decision to postpone the discussions was the right choice to make due to the lack of information and the number of cases.

Elementary schools are expected to open up March 1 for Pre-K through third grade. However, how about everyone else?
Assistant Principal Ms. Nuanez had expressed that there was not enough information currently available for there to be any decisions made.
“I don’t know what it’s going to look like until they vote on certain things,” said Nuanez. “Then we can implement from there and make the changes to fit our school.”
Some do believe that the schools should be run the same with students only going to school physically somedays and the rest of the day’s being virtual.
“I want to go back to school,” said senior Dai Quan Sykes. “It will be how it usually works just with less amount of people.”
While it can seem that the board is not doing much it does take a lot of work to make these decisions. With this situation being a brand new situation it is going to take a lot of information which we just do not have.
There are many complaints that virtual classrooms do not satisfy the needs of students. Virtual classrooms have many problems like lack of feedback or lack of discussions.
The lack of interaction between students and teachers has caused many students to suffer. Many students who depended on school for a social life have had to get accustomed to a changing world.
According to Jara there had been 11 cases of suicide by students during the school year in the district.
Of course there are way’s for students to get help like contacting your counselor or going onto the SMHS website to find help there.
“We have resources for if they need counselors or social workers or tutoring,” said Nuanez. “We just redid our whole school website so if you check that out a lot of great information for students and parents.”
With the question of hybrid classes changing from this year to the next it can be worrying to some that school might never be the same. But with time and with enough patience this too shall pass.
Of course, no matter what this pandemic has caused nothing about this to be familiar. The hope is though that hybrid classes will help students be more productive and involved than the current model allows them to be.
And the issues are not just about scheduling and whether or not students will go back to physical classes, but also how it can impact the amount of COVID-19 cases.
“It’s embarrassing how careless they can be,” said senior Vanessa Cruz. “We haven’t done anything significant to stop the spread.”
Hybrid classes would most likely increase the amount of cases even with restrictions based on limiting contact. It seems that actions towards hybrid classes won’t seriously be considered until the amount of cases goes down.
“I want our students to be successful,” said Nuanez. “I also want our students to be safe and to be healthy whatever we need to do to ensure our students are safe, healthy, and academically succesfull Im in favor for whatever that could look like.”