Coaches Have Their Own Challenges This Season

Athletes might be practicing or working on techniques to improve on their sport. They can also be taking care of their health, by eating healthy or sleeping early. However, coaches might be different.

Coaches have a different role during this pandemic. They can discuss the process of what is going on in the world. They can also talk to their athletes on how they are doing. Express their feelings with their athletes.

“For my soccer team, it is definitely the feeling of hurry up and wait,” said boys’ soccer coach, Mr. Mohrbacher. “ I am still making sure they will be academically eligible for a potential season in March. But as most of the Sunrise population is seeing during online learning, students don’t have the motivation to do the work and their grades and futures are suffering.”

Nevertheless, I am trying to encourage them to get that 2.0 GPA. We have had monthly Google Meets, but much like class attendance, I haven’t been able to get all the players to show up.”

With athletes learning from home, their grades might not be suffering. To be eligible to play sports, athletes need to have at least a 2.0 grade point average. Many coaches are making sure their athletes are passing their classes by having monthly Google meetings.

“We were preparing to start practice on Dec 7th, but with the season cancelled now, we will be just training on our own,” said flag football coach. Mr. Lee. “I hate that the girls will be missing a full season, but we will work hard during this off season to get better and be ready to win a state championship.”

Due to the circumstances of the pandemic athletes need to train on their own. Many athletes were preparing to go back and practice with their team, but it was all cancelled.

“Yes, we are! We are looking for other options to keep our teams active and engaged,” said women’s basketball coach Versa Anderson.

At this point many coaches are looking for alternatives to keep their teams engaged.