Seniors Remain Hopeful There Can Be A Traditional Graduation


Graduation has been the same for years. Seniors dress up in their cap and gowns, walk up stage, and receive their diploma.
Last year, 2019-20, there was no traditional graduation due to Covid-19. The virus had just begun. We didn’t know how to stay safe, so there was no standard ceremony.
Many students had plans for their graduation last year. Most, if not all of those plans had to be adjusted to a more safe environment. There were many people who were disappointed.
Everyone hopes for a ¨real¨ graduation. Everyone wishes to walk on stage and get their diploma handed to them.
Virtual graduation is one thing that some seniors think might happen. They don’t like the idea of just being on a video call and not in person.
“I mean I was hoping to be on stage with my parents watching me and all that but doing that online?” said senior Jaheim Culver. “That’s gonna be awkward.”
A year later, the pandemic is still here. We are not sure what will happen with this year’s upcoming graduation, but there are seniors who are hoping for a ¨real¨ graduation.
“It is too soon for us to know if we can hold graduation this year in the traditional sense as we have done in previous years,” said assistant principal Ms. Loewy, “or if it must follow a certain guideline recommended by the governor for large gatherings.”
According to Loewy, it’s not that time when plans and arrangements are done. Students will just have to wait to find out if we can have a graduation.
Although we don’t know what will happen. The main thing seniors want is to have a graduation where they feel they are being celebrated for their hard work.
¨I’m hopeful we can have it in person but I strongly feel like it will be a drive-thru or via zoom,¨ said senior Julianna Bias. ¨I want it to be where all my friends and family can come like normal and I get to walk across stage.¨
Many students dream of experiencing that feeling of walking on stage to get their diploma.
Every year, millions of seniors graduate high school. Not all graduate, but the ones that graduate, graduate because it means a lot to them.
“Graduation is important to me because I need my diploma to have more open opportunities,” said Culver. “I don’t wanna be a broke boy working at 7-11 mopping the floor 7 hours a day barely making any money.”
“It is important for students to graduate because it builds character, letting you know that you CAN do hard things,” said Loewy. “It teaches you not to give up, to finish what you started, and gives you a sense of accomplishment to jumpstart your adult life.”
A diploma isn’t just a piece of paper. A diploma means success and happiness, not only to the graduate, but to their family and friends.
Those who graduate or want to graduate, graduate not only to be successful, but because they want to show people they can do it.
“I’m a first-generation everything so making my family and friends proud is very Important to me,” said Bias.
Everyone has hopes for this graduation and we just have to wait and see what happens in the future. Whether or not there’s a graduation, this doesn’t mean you should give up.
“I would tell those students that it is OK to feel sad about something that you were looking forward to, but that it shouldn’t stop you from celebrating,” said Loewy. “What is it that you were most looking forward to with graduation? Can you capture those moments in your own type of celebration?”
Graduation is something you make special. If there’s no graduation, you can make it 10 times more special celebrating it with your family and friends.