Students’ Lack Of Use Of Cameras Remains Exceptionally High


Students not having cameras on is really common. Students are more likely to have them off then on.

Students won’t turn on cameras for many reasons whether it’s because they just don’t want to, or because they have problems going on.

A lot of them have social anxiety and are scared of what people will think. Some students may not turn them on, because they don’t really feel like teachers should see their homes.

“I think that it’s an invasion of student’s privacy at home,” senior Audrey Hernandez said. “Some students got their families in the back or they feel as if their teachers don’t need to know what their home looks like. And it’s true they don’t. Or they don’t wake up early to get ready, so they don’t want to show their face or it’s awkward.”

A lot of students also just don’t want to get out of bed to get ready and turn on their cameras for a few minutes.

“Mainly the reason why students don’t turn their camera on is because of appearance,” said senior Sebastian Sanchez. “Others don’t wanna be judge by the way they look or mainly how they house, room look, etc. They think students are quick to judge one another which is true, which makes them shy enough to not turn on their camera.”

A lot of students are also just shy and don’t want to stand out. Students feel they get judged for things they do and don’t have, and that discourages them from turning on the camera.

“There could be several reasons. One possibility is that students are simply shy,” said social studies teacher Mr. Pogozelski. “Another reason could be that they do not want to be different than the rest of the students…’if they are not doing it, I’m not either.’ Another reason could be they do not want anyone to see where they live or what they are doing during class.”

Some kids don’t even have the energy to turn on their cameras and participate, because they have mental health issues. A lot of people go through a lot of different situations that can really drain everything for kids. Some students may have toxic homes and don’t want to turn on their cameras because they don’t want teachers to see what goes on at home.

Some students also share rooms with multiple other people and not feel comfortable with the teacher and other classmates seeing everything in the background.