Many Athletes Divided About Whether To Return To Play This Year

Throughout the quarantine a lot of people have been thinking about quitting their sports. Many athletes have questions whether playing a sport during 2021 is a good idea.

There are quite a few who need sports to get back into a normal routine and really hope that sports come back this year.

“Any opportunity I get to play I have to take it,” said junior basketball player Beoh Johnson. “If COVID-19 get that bad I’d play with a facemask on.”

In fact, Johnson made it clear that he would have played earlier this year had it been possible, adding that he would play through the quarantine if he could because the less he play’s the more rusty he gets. With an eye on his long-term future, taking a year off from a sport isn’t good for his chances at the next level.

“Honestly I wouldn’t quit,” said junior Camryn Berry. “The only way that I would stop playing is if the school canceled the season and until that happens I’m going to keep playing.”

He also said that most athletes probably wouldn’t quit and if anything, they’re more eager to play because of the break some sports have taken.

“I’m 90 percent sure that most athletes think the same thing,” said Berry.

Others, however, aren’t as excited about the prospects of returning to play while the pandemic is still a major issue in Nevada. Many athletes haven’t considered what might become required to play sports, which could include wearing face masks, getting tested for COVID-19, etc.

There is even the concern that sports may not even check students to make sure they don’t have COVID-19, considering that the pandemic has been a major issue to athletes playing professional sports.

“If they can’t at least do that, I’m  not even going to practice let alone a game with teams from other schools.” said junior volleyball player Ty Wharry.

Many players aren’t anxious to risk themselves and their family members if things aren’t safe.

The feelings remain mixed among Sunrise Mountain athletes.

“We should at least wait till the cases go down but if neither of these things happen we’re not playing,” said Wharry.