When Will Sports Return To Sunrise Mountain?

As of right now school has been closed due to the large number of cases of COVID-19. Schools won’t be opening until further notice.

Students, teachers and parents may be wondering if any extracurricular activities or sports will be returning at some point this school year. 

As of right now, it doesn’t seem as if anyone has any idea if sports will be returning in January or anytime soon.

In order for sports to comeback, schools have to open back up. So, there isn’t really a specific date as to when sports can return yet.

“We can’t have any sports return unless we return to some type of hybrid or in-person instruction,” Assistant Principal Ms. Nuanez said in early January. “When the board meets again in mid January to decide or to vote on what’s going on then we will know more about athletics and sports.”

Requirements for students to participate in sports will be the same as before. Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA and will have grade checks like usual.

Like usual athletes will need to be registered on Register My Athlete and have their physicals done. All requirements to play sports will be the same as before.

Athletes will have daily temperature checks to remain as safe as possible and will be social distancing as well.

“As of right now they aren’t allowing any fans, there will be temperature checks everyday,” said Nuanez. “There will be social distancing and contact tracing will be in place. There’s a whole list of things that will be implemented to get ready for athletics.”

During games, there will be no fans allowed on the stands. Games will be recorded and streamed, so people can still watch them at home. 

The chances of sports returning in January isn’t very high since school returning in January hasn’t been said. Unless students don’t return to school, sports won’t be returning.

I honestly don’t think sports will be back in January,” said student Cheryl Edenfield. “I think they might need to push the date back for a safe return to sports.”

There’s a possible chance of sports returning in February or March. If sports were to return, schools are most likely ready and have everything planned out.

Due to winter sports being cancelled, if students were to go back mid February or March fall sports will be returning.

Sports coming back will be really good for students and the community. It’ll also make things seem somewhat normal, even though there will be some changes to remain safe.

Hopefully sports do come back. There’s a small chance that sports will return in January, but there’s a higher chance for sports to return in mid February or in March.