Fall Sports Cancelled Throughout CCSD

Winter, Spring Sports Remain A Possibility

This school year will not have fall sports. Clark County school district informed principals and vice principals were informed late last week that they fall season has been cancelled, despite hope that they might be able to squeeze a season in. No word yet on winter or spring sports..

“The District will not participate in any Season 2 Fall sports, which include cross country, football, girls golf, soccer, tennis, girls volleyball and middle school basketball for the 2020-2021 school year,” a statement from CCSD director of athletics, Tim Jackson said. “As a reminder, all schools are to remain closed for athletic purposes.”

It’s sorrowful to receive this type of news, especially for the athletes who play fall sports.

“Fall sports being cancelled is very disappointing for me because I was really looking forward to this volleyball season and maybe attending some of the football games, ” said senior volleyball player Cheryl Edendfield “I feel like I don’t get to develop my play as good as I could have for potential college play.”

For students to be involved in athletics, athletes need to be on campus as well.

“CCSD has cancelled fall sports because for athletics to take place on campus, students have to be on campus as well,” said assistant principal Ms. Nuanez, who is in charge of sports on campus. “As of right now, there is not a plan for high school students to return to school in the next month or so, so fall sports had to be cancelled.

“Since last spring when sports started being cancelled, this could have a negative impact on student-athletes. We are doing our best to keep in touch with the student-athletes as coaches keep communicating with them to help them navigate through these unprecedented times.”

For many athletes it was going to be their last year in their sport. It was their last year to play in high school.

“It is my senior year and how things are going down with this pandemic it just really sucks not just for me but for others who were into any critical activities and sports,” said senior cross country runner Alicia Carbajal. “School and sports was a getaway for some people and now it’s come to us at home through a screen.

“I hope for this not to happen to anyone else. I wish no one was going through this. I really do hope that it is different for the next school year. It’s sad to end my last year of high school like this, but time keeps going and we can’t stop it besides just keep going. Sports was my getaway.”

In the future things might change and get better, but it all depends on how the pandemic can be controlled.

“As we move forward, we are planning on all sports coming back in the fall,” said athletics director Mr. Morales. “At the district level, schedules are being made and guidelines are being developed to move forward to sports as early as this spring. I expect all sports to be back this upcoming fall.”