Athletes Behind The Scenes: How Are They Staying In Shape?

Rosa Diaz Rosas

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Ever since COVID-19 has taken over, sports have been postponed in schools throughout Nevada. So many wonder how student athletes work out during these times.

“We didn’t even work out until it was safe but after months, I got my team together and made sure we worked out at the park,¨ said sophomore football player Jadyn Godfrey.

Quarantine has almost stopped some athletes from working out, but some find a way to keep fit, such as buying weights, or going on a run.

“Ever since we’ve been in quarantine, I made sure I wouldn´t get lazy,” said senior flag football player Valerie Garcia. “So I went on runs almost every day.”

Some athletes, of course, have been struggling to find equipment or even find the motive to keep on working out.

Finding motivation is another challenge for athletes in quarantine, because you stay at home and really don’t find a reason why to workout anymore.

“Ever since soccer has been postponed, I haven’t had the motivation to keep working out or even try to keep in shape,” said sophomore soccer player Litzi Duran Contreras.

Some athletes have turned their basements, living rooms, bedrooms, and backyards into training facilities, since the gyms or/and weight rooms are closed.

Without weights athletes have to use household items such as jugs, cases of bottled water or anything that has weight on it.

“Since I don’t have any weights at home, I had to use milk jugs or even my own dog or really anything with weight on it,” said sophomore soccer player Andy Rodriguez.

Although some athletes have parents that are coaches they work out in the park or outside their houses or even inside.

“My dad is a soccer coach, so he helps me to stay in shape by working out outside and going on runs and training,” said sophomore football player Hasanati Douglas.

Of course some athletes watch workout videos or even make their own workout list to keep them going every day.

Some athletes go on runs or walks. They workout three times a week or even for hours. They could also have some kind of diet that helps them keep in shape.

Some athletes let COVID-19 take over and stop working out completely and probably won’t do sports again or even go back to it.

Of course, some are still playing their sport but differently, like meeting up at the park and keeping their distance in practicing.

Some would even play with their family or have their family train with them because they are used to having their teammate with them.

Ever since COVID-19 took over it didn’t stop athletes from working out and for some athletes it did stop them from working out.