Athletes Must Focus On Their Diets While Staying At Home


With this pandemic going on, athletes are losing the motivation to stay active and eating healthy. Athletes should maintain a healthy diet. To be fit when sports make a return.

Keeping a healthy diet can help improve the health of everyone. Athletes should maintain a good physique during their season, and especially when they are not in their season.

“I’m trying to eat healthy,” senior volleyball player Paulina Becerra said, “but it can be really hard since we’re all stuck at home. I’ve been trying to eat less junk food and drink lots of water. I’ve been practicing in my backyard passing the volleyball with my sister or on the wall.”

There are many healthy food options in which an athlete can eat. For example, plant based foods like beans, legumes, nuts, nut butters, peas and whole grains.

Another great option for athletes are animal-based sources like dairy, eggs, meat, fish are typically higher-quality protein sources and more impactful for the skeletal muscles

Snacks are just as important as a meal. Greek yogurt, hard-boiled eggs and fruit, a sandwich or a fruit smoothie — are a good opportunity to consume protein and nutrient-dense color.

“Eating at home, I mainly just eat whatever my parents make which is always steak and chicken with veggies,” said senior softball player Lacy Holys. “As well as fruit I love eating fruit. Practicing from home, I just make sure to throw the ball around a little to stay active, but I definitely need to start working out more often I can really say I miss being in the field with my team It’s not fun while doing it alone.

Protein shakes or smoothies are another great way for an athlete to maintain a healthy diet. Also being consistent on a healthy diet is one of the important parts an athlete can do to stay healthy.

Athletes should be able to have fun, but while eating healthy. There are many meal plans in which an athlete can follow and make at home.

Some athletes can stay consistent, but who have so much going on right now in their life that they don’t even have time.

“Nothing really. My eating habits are just the same as if I went to school,” said senior basketball player Aiyana Ramirez. “I’m not really practicing anything. I don’t have time to anymore.”

Overall maintaining a healthy diet is a top priority, but there is much more happening in the world to maintain a healthy diet.