Kindness Is Something That Everyone Should Take Seriously


During these trying times it’s hard to look at a world of positivity when all around you is a reality of pure negative thoughts.
It’s becoming harder to look at the happy, positive sides when so many things are showing you the opposite.
This is where the Random Acts of Kindness Day comes into play. February 17 is the day where it is solely based on being kind.
It is a time where you should be grateful for all that you have and give thanks and good energy to the people around you.
“Kindness is a quality that I try to practice every day. Being kind means showing that you care,” voiced English teacher Ms. Gradillas. “With life moving online, it is easy to forget that the person on the other side of the screen is a human being with hopes, fears, and feelings. When face-to-face interaction is gone, it is easy to say thoughtless and unkind things.
“Just look at any social media platform. People feel emboldened to troll and make fun of others. I feel that kindness day should be talked about more because we live in a society that, in many ways, has drifted away from being kind.”
As said by Gradillas, it’s hard to remember that people have feelings when you don’t know who they are or knowing that you will not see them in person.
People need to remember that kindness should be a daily thing, something that shouldn’t be forced out of you.
“Kindness day is about being nice and respecting others,” said senior Preston Pickett. “I personally think that this day should be talked about so people can understand what kindness is.”
When we live in a society where it’s OK to laugh and be rude to someone just because they’re different; it makes everyone feel like that’s the new norm.
When in reality, everyone is different and being nice and caring should be the norm. As Kindness Day becomes more known, people hope that this is the direction that society takes.
“I believe a day of kindness is very important,” assistant principal Mr. Merritt said. “The world can be more positive when more people try with each other. After all being more positive is important, positivity and more patience.”
Having a good attitude towards life makes not only yourself, but the people around you have a better day, week, month or even life.
Which is what this day is all about; being caring and thinking about others, your safety and happiness.
Now, some people may look at Kindness Day and see a little kid holiday. Something you do when you’re young, maybe like elementary school Valentine’s Day where you would just give candies to your classmates.
“I don’t think it is a big deal, at least not in high school,” said senior Michelle Chavez. “Maybe as a kid in elementary school, but not now.”
To each their own, but even if you do perceive kindness day as a kiddy celebration, you should always remember that being nice is not some little kid thing, and everyone should express it.
“I try to show kindness throughout the year by lending an extra hand if I can, offering to hold a door open, pick up something off the floor even if I didn’t put it there” said counselor Ms. Thompson-Hughes. “I believe Kindness Day is important and is a good reminder for people to stop, think and reflect on how they may be able to make someone else’s life better. A smile or a compliment can change a person’s day.”
The little things matter. The smallest thing that may seem insignificant to you may be the reason that someone else’s day becomes great.
You can’t underestimate the tiny things because it could make someone’s day and they will reciprocate that same action.
When people start making nice and considerate actions, other people will do that too. Thus, making the world a kinder place for future generations.
This is what Kindness Day is trying to show, even if you’re at home, outside, or anywhere, you can still do some good even if it’s small.
Don’t be kind to just people. Be nice to every single thing, plants, animals, the earth. They all appreciate it. In return, people will have a healthy place to live and the world will be a kinder place.