While Socializing Is Down, Students Grow Even More Reliant On Social Media


Social media has been a constant in almost everyone’s lives during the span of this quarantine.

Being locked in a house, there’s not much to do.

So social media has been the outlet a lot of people have turned to as a main source of communication and entertainment.

“Being in quarantine has definitely increased me being on all my social media’s more. Although I might not post, I definitely am on all my social medias a ton more,” said junior Emelly Vergara.

A lot of things have been severely affected because of the quarantine, seeing and communicating with friends and family is one of those things, causing a strain in some relationships.

“Quarantine has taken a toll on me, but yes I’ve been on social media a lot since then because it’s now the only way I can communicate to my friends and family,” said junior Joy Shimabukuro. “And of course, a lot has changed with talking with friends, I honestly barely talk to the ones I always used to chill with in the mornings of school.”

Many teens and even some adults seem to have this issue of not connecting with their loved ones like they used to.

Not seeing those people at school or work everyday and being forced to be by yourself in your own space can make someone’s friend group smaller.

A group may still all be friends, but the bond they might’ve had isn’t quite the same as it was before COVID-19 happened. They only talk once in a while compared to when they were around each other, they talked all the time.

“I do still communicate with friends every now and then,” senior Giselle Arias Garcia said. “I’d say probably one to two times a week, I talk with them through messages or calls.”

For some, it’s more of a chore to contact and keep consistent conversations with all of the people they used to talk to. Some may have become more comfortable with themselves and prefer not to speak to anyone.

This quarantine has definitely caused a lot of people’s mindset, emotions, and even personalities to change.

“During this whole pandemic it made me realize that I needed to become a better person by acknowledging what I used to do everyday and changing it,” said junior Ty Wharry. “So after that day, I quit social media and mainly focused on myself.”

It’s safe to say that everyone has become someone new in a sense. Many people have taken this isolation as a way to better themselves and figure things out.

For those who have turned to social media, they have used it as a way to keep sane almost. It’s easy to get lonely being away from friends.

Even if someone didn’t have any social media before this pandemic, there’s a likely chance that they do now just because of how many things have happened in the media.

It’s used as an information outlet more than ever since there have been nonstop occurrences happening in the world since the quarantine that is broadcasted on social media, drawing more people to use it to express their opinions.

“My use of social media has doubled at least,” junior Valerie Carrillo said. “Sometimes I have up to 10 hours of screen time and that’s not including the time I spend in class.”

The rising use of social media has really saved a lot of people from boredom.

Without it, lots of teenagers would be uninterested during these times and maybe even sad considering that’s one of the main sources of entertainment.

In a way, social media has really helped people get through the quarantine. A lot of what’s going on has somewhat distracted people from the virus.

Hopefully soon, social media won’t be the only way people can communicate with family and friends, hopefully things go back to normal so communication won’t be limited to just the internet.