Will 2021 Be The Same As 2020 Or Is ‘Normal’ Starting To Come Back?


2020 was different from other years, but the world has entered a new year. 2021 has started the same as 2020, but is this the year that we might eventually see some much-needed “normally.”

“I don’t think we will go back to normal,” said history teacher Ms. Ives. “If history has taught us a lesson on pandemics, then we still have at least another year to go.”

A lot of people don’t think we will go back to normal this year, but maybe in the future we can go back to normal since it does take time.

“I don’t believe it will be anywhere near normal,” said English teacher Mr. Porter. “However I believe it will be noticeably better than 2020.”

“I don’t think it will be the same and hope it won’t be the same,” said sophomore Juliana Zepeda. “So much happened in just 2020 but could only hope for the best.”

People will always hope for the best, and a lot of people believe that this year, 2021, will have changes for the better.

“Well, nothing is normal anymore,” said PE teacher Ms. Teague. “I have learned to not worry about what could be and just work with what is.”

“I have to say I don’t know how this year is going to go,” said chemistry teacher Mr. Rodshteyn. “Only time will tell.”

This year hasn’t started normal, so it’s not predictable, but working with what we have is the best thing you could do at this moment.

“This year will not be back to normal,” said geometry teacher Ms. Geesaman, “until a majority of the people get the vaccine.”

Many people believe that the vaccine will help, but a lot of people are hesitant to get vaccinated so the world won’t go back to normal that quickly.

“I think it will take time to get back to normal,” said health teacher Mr. Schwing. “As we get more people to get vaccinated and threaten the virus.”

COVID-19 has been stronger than everyone but if more people get vaccinated it can threaten the virus and mostly everything can go back to normal.

“Yes, I think we will go back to normal,” said sophomore Luis Angel Lara Melara. “We already have the vaccine to recover.”

The vaccine will probably help the death rate to decrease and maybe even defeat the virus if more people volunteer to get the vaccine.

“I’ll say we are improving because with all this pandemic science is improving,” said junior Gianina Campanile. “But who knows they are maybe just preparing us for the worst.”

Science and medicine has improved, so that means everyone is improving. You will never know if science is just preparing us for something we don’t expect.

“I don’t think anything is going to go back to normal,” said sophomore Jose Antonio Morales.“There will always be that on what if it comes back.”

The virus could stop, but even if it does many many people will have the thought of what if it comes back. And because of that nothing will go back to normal.

2021 is an unpredictable year due to the fact that there are so many things going on at this moment.