Top 10 Things People Miss From Life Before The Coronavirus


As we approach the one year anniversary of being in a pandemic, it can be easy to forget what life was like before the outbreak.

Almost everything people took for granted like freely standing close to people and being in big groups was ripped away in just a few weeks time. 

Everything has been shut down and it’s been kind of hard to enjoy life since the pandemic, especially for younger people like kids and teenagers. 

Surely, it’s been difficult for people to adjust their lives to this big change, so here’s 10 things people miss doing before this quarantine to look back at how normal the world was:

1. Going On Vacation/Traveling

A vacation during the summer was on a lot of people’s minds. Some had even started planning and paying for a trip, only for it to be canceled.

“Every year I would have a trip or two planned and to look forward to throughout the year,” said assistant principal Ms. Loewy. “I love exploring new cities, having new experiences, and trying new food.  It’s the first thing on my to-do list once the pandemic is over, schedule a trip.”

2. Not Wearing a Mask Constantly

Wearing a mask has become a part of everyone’s everyday routine. Yes, they are needed but no one likes wearing them as much as people have too, plus they’re not very comfortable.

“I miss going outside to conventions and going to places without having to worry about masks,” said senior Sinay Ortega Valdez.

3. Going to school

For a lot of students, going to school was very important. Not only was it a huge source of education, it was a place for kids to get away from home, interact with friends. However, because of quarantine, it forced everyone to stay in their home which took a toll on people’s mental health.

“I miss going out all the time and going to the school building in general,” said freshman Yoandy Alejo Flores. “I honestly don’t like the whole online school thing.” 

4. Participating in sports and extracurricular activities

Any extra activities involving groups of people like clubs and sports were canceled indefinitely, which has really affected students who were heavily involved in these things and may have wanted to continue them into college.

“The thing I miss most about life before quarantine is definitely school and participating and leading all of the extracurriculars I was in,” senior Kylee Hungerford-Musser said. “I miss band and competing so much. It sucks! It’s my last year so I won’t have anymore competitions.”

5. Being around friends and family

Seeing loved ones has been especially hard because everyone is separated in different areas and if any of that person’s loved ones live in a different state, it can take even longer to see them due to any restrictions their state may have placed.

“I spent a year building a concrete skatepark in my backyard,” said English teacher Mr. Nielson. “It seemed like a good way to get old friends to come by more often. The project turned out great, but right as I finished, the pandemic hit. I admit I cheated once or twice and had people over, but seeing my friends in person happens much less.”

6. Going to do fun activities (movies, arcades, etc.)

With everything slowly opening up, many cautions are taken during the opening process to help keep the virus from spreading, like temperatures being taken upon arrival and having to make reservations. That makes going out and doing activities a lot harder than what they used to be.

7. Being in Large Groups

Being around others is where some people are most comfortable. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to be too close to other people in a while and who knows when we’ll be able to.

“I miss freely giving hugs to loved ones,” said counselor Ms. Kimes. “I miss seeing people’s faces. I miss being around people without being concerned about illness.”

8. Touching Without Possibly Catching COVID-19

Now everywhere people touch, it has to be wiped down immediately after to avoid spreading the virus. Pre-quarantine, wiping things down was normal, but now it’s necessary.

9. Not Catching a Deadly Virus

Although most people are concerned with catching the virus themselves, some may not realize they can carry it and give it to someone very easily by doing simple actions that people now have to be extra aware of.

10. Not Giving a Virus to a Loved One
Once someone has caught the virus it can spread in the matter of seconds since any particles can enter a person’s body and infect them, this was never really a strong concern but now it’s a constant reality.