After 2020 Roller Coaster, I Can’t Wait To See What 2021 Has In Store For Us


To say the least, 2020 was like a roller coaster that had many twists and turns that made all of us want to get off the ride. 

2020 personally caused headaches, boredom, sadness, and happiness about 80 percent of the time. Just like the withdrawals of a roller coaster. 

I was looking forward to 2021, and saw it as a fresh new start to have a better mindset that 2020 refrained me from. 

The year 2020 tested all of us, but it was a reminder that not everything is going to go how you expect it and to instead; expect the unexpected. 

That is the exact attitude to have for 2021. If you expect something more, there is bound to be disappointment that would not allow you to see the good in things. 

I constantly believed the dates that estimated when quarantine would be over, but they kept getting pushed further. That helped me build the mindset that it won’t happen when I want it to, but it will happen eventually. 

The way you perceive life, will show in how you live it. So imagine how you would want your year to go and have good energy prospering through it. 

2021 could be perceived as the year where we patch up the wounds from 2020, and even previous years that date farther back then what we could imagine.

It is the year to reconnect with the family you facetimed during quarantine, or support the small businesses you see in your community.

If anything, 2020 taught us that connecting loose ends is super important and to live in the moment, because there is no saying when there will be another moment. 

It is key to treat every year like it’s the last time you would be on this Earth and to ask yourself; if you would be happy if you left a mark on the world in some shape or form. 

Dawning on the past would only prevent you from growing as a person. Learn from those mistakes, keep your head up, and find the light at the end of the tunnel.  

Everyone has their own perspective of how they want to deal with this year. Some want to gain confidence, intellect, popularity; but no goal is a dumb one. 

The attitude that you believe would help make you grow as a human being, is a great one. Choose that path and make this year your map. 

In the end, we all enjoy the twists and turns of a rollercoaster and cannot wait to go onto the next ride. We say goodbye to 2020 and hello, 2021!