ACT Testing Allows Some Students Back Into Building To Experience Test Pressures


Every year juniors have to take the ACT test to evaluate how ready they are for college. Since the first year of high school students are warned about this exam because it’s very important for those who plan on going to college. 

This year even though the school year was a little different. Juniors still had to return to school and take the exam. 

“I was nervous about taking the ACT test because I’m a terrible test taker, especially since we were timed,” said junior Darlene Castellanos, “.. my teachers helped me prepare and gave me resources for the big test which definitely helped me a lot.”

Taking a test is stressful enough, but having it be timed adds a lot more pressure. Teachers gave students resources to study like the practice CERT test and some even prepared study packets for students. 

“I wasn’t really worried about the exam. I was concerned about the people,” said junior Jeyson Coreas. “Going back physically to school was overwhelming and it didn’t help me with the nerves.”

Since the ACT is a national exam, students couldn’t do it from the comfort of their homes. Some students can feel anxious when being around other people so online school was a big relief for them, but going physically to school caused some anxiety between them.

Gladly the school took the necessary precautions for everyone to be safe. Social distancing was practiced and they even offered some snacks for the students.

“The ACT itself wasn’t so bad, but I would’ve preferred if it was on paper,” said junior Francia Corona. “I also would’ve loved to have more time. I believe taking more time to get familiar with the questions is a must.”

Since the beginning of the school year students had to be staring at a screen for a long time. It would’ve been refreshing for their brains if the test was on paper. 

Many students complained about the small amount of time they got to complete the test. Some admitted that they had to guess because of the lack of time.

“My ACT experience was really difficult. There was a very small window of studying I had since they announced the date of the exams in the same month we were gonna take them,” said junior Yoselin Barboza, “I think I would’ve done a better job if teachers had been more lenient on giving out homework due to ACT prep.”

Juniors had been warned about the exam since the beginning of the school year, but they never got a specific date. Homework was also an obstacle for some students, slowing them from studying for the ACT.

“I was very stressed so I tried to practice some meditation and sleep early,” said junior Dania Rodriguez.

During the stressful season of the ACT taking care of one’s well being is very important. Meditation and sleep can help reduce stress and they also help have a clear mind. 

“I took a lot of practice tests, which were similar to what I saw in the actual test,” said junior Valerie Carrillo.

Studying isn’t for everyone but there were still a lot of useful resources for those who wished to study. Some believe that nothing could’ve helped them with the ACT.

It’s safe to say that everyone had a different experience taking the ACT, some believe it was easy and some believe it was hard. Taking it from a general perspective the ACTs are very stressful but all juniors managed to pull through.