Finding Help Is One Of Students’ Biggest Challenges


In times of difficulty and isolation, one of the biggest challenges is the unrelenting feeling that you are alone. It is a feeling many of us feel, but there is always somebody willing to listen.

One great way to get help is by reaching out to one of our counselors at Sunrise Mountain. There are a plethora of people looking to support you, including our counselors.

Assistant principal Ms. Nuanez has suggested for students to seek out the many opportunities offered at Sunrise Mountain, whether it’s help with school or problems families may have there are opportunities to get help.

“We offer extra tutoring after school with communities in schools,” said Nuanez. “And any type of resources for themselves or their families is on our website.”

Of course, many times it can be difficult for some people to ask for help virtually. Speaking to your parents or siblings can be great, especially since they probably might have felt like this before.

While this situation is unique, isolation definitely isn’t and for many people this can affect their life in school and their life out of school making them less motivated.

For some people, activities or hobbies are a great way to reduce anxiety. Especially when those hobbies include other people or are group efforts.

“I personally have hobbies that make me feel as if I escaped reality,” said junior Dannizza De Leon. “Like cosplaying and video games; with occasional writing stories and movies.”

Many of these hobbies and activities that we use to take our mind off of things are also ways we can connect with others. Sharing our hobbies with friends and family is a great way to keep your mind positive.

“With friends, I have social media- texting and facetiming- and when we have time, we play Minecraft together,” said De Leon. “With family, it’s a whole different story- some I am able to see and visit in person, while others we are only able to just call them.”

Looking back we can see that the biggest way to help someone in need is to listen. Being there for others is a great way to help someone with their problems.

“The support of someone would have helped with quarantine,” said De Leon. “Knowing that someone is there when we feel alone is a great feeling to have especially when quarantine has caused a forced isolation amongst the people.”

At the end of the day we all are human and reaching out for support is natural. Something as small as spending time with a loved one could positively impact your life.