Will Parents Let Their Kids Play Sports?


During COVID a lot of students are struggling, especially since they can’t do what they love such as sports. With the pandemic still on going, however,will parents let their kids play again?

Sports are part of your high school experience and a lot of students miss them. Also miss having fun classes that are not curriculum. 

“Yes I believe so. Students are really suffering due to the absence of extra curricular activities,” said English teacher Mr. Porter. “They are an essential part of the high school experience and they are sorely missed.”

In sports you have to be around a lot of people which is a higher risk of getting coronavirus and most likely won’t be able to distance yourself a lot.

“Parents probably won’t let their kids play, because it’s a very crowded area with no social distancing,” said sophomore Arleth Martin-Martin.

Every sport is different so parents won’t know if they should or shouldn’t let their kids play again, since there has to be a lot of measures taken before playing.  

“It depends on too many factors such as social distancing within each sport, what type of sport and the parents’ disposition,” said chemistry teacher Mr. Rodshteyn. “Their parents will be mixed.”

Many parents will want their kids to get the COVID-19 vaccine before letting them play again. Although parents will want the other players to get it too since it can affect their child’s health. 

“I believe parents aren’t going to let their kids play sports until they receive their COVID-19 vaccine,” said sophomore Cindy Renderos. “COVID-19 can affect their kids’ health but also everyone around them.”

However, others feel that returning to the courts/fields is exactly what teenagers need after sitting at home for the last year.

“Yes, because of the benefits sport has to offer,” said PE teacher Ms. Teague. “It gives them a reason to keep their grades up in school,interacts with other students.”

Sports help students keep their grades up and if they don’t they don’t get to play. Also they help students get out of their comfort zone. 

“Parents know how important sports are to their kids. It’s a great way to stay in shape, make friends and maintain their academics,” said health teacher Mr. Schwing. “With taking safety measures.”

“Some parents may let their kids play sports with the pandemic going on,” said sophomore Michelle Preciado. “Though some parents may be concerned then others about the safety and health of their kids.”

There’s some parents who don’t care about the pandemic going on. However, some parents are very concerned for their kids’ health.

Maybe when people stop hearing so many deaths because of COVID-19, parents will start letting their kid play their sport.

“I honestly think parents will let their kids play sports,” said freshman Alexis Medina. “As long as COVID-19 calms down.”

 To begin to play sports again coaches should have regulations to keep their players safe so parents won’t be scared. 

“I think parents will because there will be rules and regulations,” said sophomore Jose Morales-Ruiz. “Such as wearing a mask, doesn’t mean parents won’t be scared.”

Sports help students forget about things that make them feel mad, sad and more. However, social distancing and taking precautions will help a lot. 

“Yes I believe so because there’s social distancing and for some kids sports help them,” said junior Gianina Campanile. “Helps them clear their mind and even to get their anger out.”

Parents are facing a hard decision whether to let their kids play again. Since there are pros and cons about playing sports during a pandemic.