Trends That Should Stay Behind In 2020


A rollercoaster of a year has led to new trends coming alive and old trends making a comeback. However, should these trends stay in 2021? Or should they be left in the dust?

Many things happened in 2020, Tiktok became huge and led to many trends being popularized.

Now, what were some trends that didn’t make the cut for this year and need to be left in 2020.

“Honestly, the y2k trend needs to go,” said senior Leslie Herrera. “I feel like it’s a little underdressed for any occasion and most of the time the outfits don’t seem to match, as in color pallet wise.”

2020 made the early 90s and 2000s attire come back, with people wearing low rise jeans, funky sunglasses that don’t even help cover the sunlight, and vintage purses. 

Apparently, the y2k trend was not a success with today’s teens and are hoping this trend stays in history.

Something crucial to fashion is the style of hair, people tried mullets, curtain bangs, shag haircuts, but should all of these stay?

“Edgar haircuts need to go,” said senior Gabriela Dominguez. “They just aren’t fitting for most people that get them. It’s usually the guys that have big egos and let things like a haircut get to their heads.” 

Edgar haircuts aren’t a one size fits all. Each person has their own unique style and this type of cut might not fit your personality or your outfits. 

Therefore the Edgar haircuts need to be vanished out of existence. 

Fashion is clothes, hair, makeup, anything and everything. We talked about clothes and haircuts but what else is there that needs to be left out of 2021.

“Henna freckles needs to beat it,” added Herrera. “They’re cute but unrealistic. Freckles come in all shapes and sizes, not just tiny ones around the nose and the cheek area. They can be all over the face and body, some bigger and others microscopic.” 

Freckles are beautiful, but if you want to capture the essence of their beauty it needs to be done by the people who actually have freckles.

Everyone has their opinion on what they like and what they don’t. While some hated these trends that were mentioned, others like them, they think they’re good.

“I think all of the trends have been good so far,” said senior Tavita Castrejon. “Some are better than others but none have been despicable.”

Trends are up for preference, not everyone is going to like the same things or hate the same things. 

Yeah, some trends have a majority liking than others but it doesn’t mean it’s completely trash. If you feel confident in whatever you’re wearing then it doesn’t matter what others think. You are your own person and you wear whatever you want.