New Hybrid Schedule Begins On Monday For All Miners

School now will begin at 7:50 a.m. with two 90-minute rotating classes per day


Psssttt…. have you heard the new gossip about the new bell schedule?

With teachers and students going back to school in person, we are receiving a new bell schedule. 


How will this work? What cohorts are attending? When does this new schedule begin?

Well, grades nine and 12 are set to go back to in person schooling starting Monday, March 22nd. 

Grades 10 and 11 will be going back April 6 with Spring Break sandwiched in the middle of that. 

Every student was assigned cohort A, B, or C. They are all different in matters of what days you attend school.

Cohort A student’s, go to school on Mondays and Tuesdays and the rest of the week would be virtual learning. Cohort B student’s, do virtual classes all week, but attend school on Thursdays and Fridays.

Cohort C student’s continue distance learning throughout the rest of the year. 

Regardless, a new time schedule has been put in place.

At this point in time,” said assistant principal Ms. Ruesch. “All students and staff have received our updated bell schedule.” 

There are many things changing with this hybrid model coming into play. 

“The main thing that changed is the starting and ending times for classes,” said Ruesch. “Students in all cohorts will still meet together for their classes on Google meets.  Classes in the mornings had to be made a little longer to accommodate social distancing for those in the building.  There also needed to be time in the middle of the day for students in Cohorts A and B to travel home and be ready for their afternoon classes.”

So, the key fact there is that school will start, for everyone, 10 minutes early — at 7:50 a.m.

All high schools were forced to come up with a plan for their return in person.

Sunrise decided to follow some suggestions from the school district to have a safe back back to school experience. 

Students who are in the building,” said assistant principal Ms. Shive, “(Cohorts A and B depending on the days) will have two classes, then go home for two classes.”

Cohorts A and B will go on their assigned day and start class at 7:50 a.m. 

They will be dismissed at around 11:05 a.m. to go home. 

Then everyone will be connected virtually for their 5th, 6th,7th and 8th period classes depending on whether it is A or B day.

“They will sit in a seat marked A during the first class,” said Shive. “Then a seat marked B during the second class. (Don’t confuse this with being in Cohort A or B).”

By doing this, teachers will keep seats clean and sanitized for all students during the day. 

No one will be sharing seats, everyone will have their own assigned seats. 

Wednesday’s will be a virtual day for all Cohorts. They are to log onto their classes as normal. 

While students are learning virtually, staff and custodians are preparing classrooms for the 

Cohort B to go the next day. 

“Then the custodians will clean,” said Shive. “All the desks and classrooms will be cleaned at the end of each night. Deep clean on Wednesdays will be done.”

Many changes are happening around Sunrise Mountain High School.

Now you  are all caught up. You are ready to start school March 22nd.