PRO-CON: Should Students Take The COVID-19 Vaccine?

April 8, 2021

Taking Vaccine Is First Step To Stop Spread Of COVID-19


After being in a pandemic for about a year now, the COVID-19 was finally released to the public. Over the past year many people with health conditions have passed away due to the virus. This is why people should take the vaccine to help the spread of COVID-19.

If people were to take vaccine it would help decrease the amount of cases. Not only that but it would save many people’s lives.

If almost everyone were to take the vaccine it would help bring the economy back to normal and our lives would somewhat go back to normal.

Students would also be able to go back to school and they wouldn’t have to worry about carrying the virus back home.

The vaccine wouldn’t fix everything right away, but it would definitely make a big difference. It would make a positive impact on everyone.

Ever since the pandemic started, we all had to change our lifestyles. Some people lost their jobs and students had to adjust to online school.

If you are fully vaccinated, you can begin to do the things that you had stopped doing due to the pandemic.

Being fully vaccinated will keep the people around you safe. According to CDC “all COVID-19 vaccines currently available in the U.S have shown to be highly effective at preventing COVID-19.”

The vaccine contains the virus, so if you get the vaccine your body is immune to the virus and it’ll be able to fight it off.

Getting vaccinated is one of the most important and easiest things to stay healthy and to prevent the spread of a disease.

The COVID-19 vaccine not only helps us now, but it’ll be important in the future to prevent another pandemic due to COVID.

It’s also very important if students have returned to school. If students were to get vaccinated it would prevent teachers, administrators and students from getting sick and spreading the virus more.

Overall being vaccinated is very important. It benefits everyone and it’ll allow us to go back to normal sooner.
It’ll be a good thing for our country and it’ll definitely put our economy back on track.

Therefore, getting the vaccine and being vaccinated will make a large difference. It’ll keep everyone around you safe and possibly help decrease the amount of cases.

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Dangers May Still Exist When It Comes To Taking Vaccine

Dangers May Still Exist When It Comes To Taking Vaccine

It’s been a long 1 ½ years since 2019, once the virus of COVID-19 became known. By this time, we understand the dangers of this virus. 

What’s concerning, the virus that causes COVID is new although, COVID has been around for decades. CDC and other areas of the government have created a vaccine a few months into the virus. 

Safe to say, getting a vaccine isn’t worth the risk, and not everyone should get it.

Vaccines give you a bit of the virus, so your white blood cells can fight them off. Now what they do for you varies. It depends on the individual and their health. 

The goal of the CDC is to create this vaccine, with little information on the virus itself, to decrease the number of rising cases.

What should be taken into account is having this vaccine creates more of a risk because of how it affects each individual.

It’s not every day that you get a virus and out of nowhere you have a vaccine. Over the years, vaccines are modified. 

This takes time because they fully understand the virus and can produce a countermeasure. Something that works for everyone, like the FLU.

Personally, I wouldn’t get the vaccine. There isn’t much information on the vaccine and I don’t want to risk my life taking something I don’t know about. 

This is a way for the government to have more control over its people. The Johnson and Johnson company was getting sued for its baby powder and now we have a vaccine.

This raises questions in my head. There isn’t much information on the vaccine let alone COVID as is. 

In hopes of getting our life back to “normal”, we risk the chances of putting it in danger. This vaccine surfaced just months after COVID. Coincidence? 

With every solution, there is a problem.It’s critical that this vaccine is healthy for us. Taking something we aren’t aware of their ingredients is dangerous. 

It was said that the government has been working on this vaccine for years. This is years of not knowing what they’ve been doing and changes made. 

Remember that once you take this vaccine you are injecting yourself with the virus. There is a chance you will come down with COVID from taking this vaccine.

The government has a COVID vaccine but, what about cancer and all the other life long diseases we have? 

We as a society are still trying to understand this virus. Now that a vaccine came out, we’re focused on trying to continue this” new normal.”  We don’t see the harm of getting this vaccine. 

We have to take into account what’s going on in this world and what events of coincidences that follow. This is the matter of life and death. Something that shouldn’t be played with.

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