Random Amazon Gift Cards Aimed At Rewarding Students For Attending Online


In hopes of increasing attendance in virtual classes, Sunrise Mountain administrators have been popping up in random classes virtually for the last few months, giving out Amazon gift cards to random students. However, will that help with attendance?

“I’m not sure the risk or rewards scales tip in favor of Sunrise,” said English teacher Mr. Porter. “I think the cards will need to be increased, however something is better than nothing.” 

The Amazon gift cards are $5 and are given for students who attend their class . The hope is that more students would want to attend virtual classes.

“Yes, I think giving students gift cards will work, because it will be motivation for them to keep going to class,” said freshman Alexis Medina.

Some students often struggle to stay engaged in virtual classes, but an attendance reward could change their outlook on attending class.

People at in Sunrise Mountain should ask students what they like and what would make them attend class and start doing that.

“We have tried and will do it again,” said assistant principal Ms. Shive. “Interviewing students and asking them what sorts of strategies would get them to attend classes would be good.”

“I do think it will work,” said sophomore Jose Bravo. “Because giving students cards will encourage them so it will be better.”

“Absolutely it would increase the numbers of students that would want to stay for class,” said sophomore Michelle Preciado. “Gift cards are something that students would look forward to and encourage them.”

Amazon gift cards will encourage students to attend their classes and the number of students attendance will decrease in absences. 

“To be honest I am not sure (if that will work),” said chemistry teacher Mr. Rodshteyn. “It is an incentive but involves luck, so I cannot really say how I feel about it, only time will tell to see whether the technique works.”

Although it may encourage students to go to class the students have to have luck since there’s a lot of classes and students.

“For some students … maybe, because who doesn’t love to shop,” said junior Gianina Campanile. “Especially for those students who are too young and can’t work, but want to get new things.” 

There has been a decrease in students so hopefully more students will attend class if they see an increase in the card balance or more cards given out. 

“I do not believe gift cards will work,” said world history teacher Ms. Ives. “I have seen a steady decrease in student attendance.”

Giving Amazon gift cards to students if they attend class may or may not work since some students do work and dont need the gift card and others don’t work and need the gift card.

If the school increases the balance of the cards, then maybe more students will attend and if the number of gift cards they give increase that will maybe encourage students to go to class.