Has Sunrise Mountain Mastered Online Learning?


School year 2020-2021 is coming to an end. We are in our third quarter, one more quarter to finish the second semester!

Does this mean that students at Sunrise Mountain High School have gotten this online school routine mastered? 

Are students doing better this semester, or are people still struggling with: grades, assignments, and attendance?

“I am actually doing good with work and grades,” said senior Brenda Iniestra. “I am maintaining my grades average and doing my work.” 

Like Iniestra, many have motivation to continue doing their best even though we are not doing in-person classes yet. 

“This semester is going good,” said senior Dana Flores. “I’m passing most of my classes and I’m working on passing the rest.”

Many are trying their best to finish this year on a good note, but they are more focused on passing than they are on actually learning something. 

“To be honest,” said junior Deisy Juarez. “I am just trying to pass my classes and earn my credits. I’ve been struggling to accommodate myself to this routine the whole year, but it’s just not happening.”

Juarez is not the only one feeling this way. Senior Joshua Ortega is still struggling with virtual schooling. 

“It’s tough,” said Ortega. “It’s very tiring having to sit and stare at a computer screen for hours, I get headaches. At this point I am just trying my best to graduate because till this day I’m still struggling with grades and work.”

Teachers have noticed that more students are contacting them for help with assignments now that we are online rather than when we were in person. 

I’ve noticed that more students reached out regarding assignments and grades in general,” said Folklorico teacher Mrs. Villalobos. “There was a slight increase compared to the very first day of school but attendance has stayed about the same for my class.”

“Don’t give up,” said Villalobos. “We as teachers understand that distance learning is not for everyone and do know that every single thing you do does count. Remember, we’re in this together!”