Is the Black Lives Matter Movement Done?


There are billions of powerful stories out there today. A story can be so powerful that it grabs your attention and spreads across the entire world.

 It not only affects you, but it affects everyone. One of those stories is about the black community.  

We all get the basis of the problems towards the black community; racism, discrimination, equal rights, and so forth. These issues led to a movement; Black Lives Matter. 

This anti-racist movement was founded by three women, Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi. They started this back in 2013 by ending a letter in “Black Lives Matter” to hashtagging it on social media.

Over the years, it’s grown to be a known powerful organization across the world. It changed history and still is.  

“When will the black lives matter movement be done?” This question has been lingering every time the movement created an “uproar.” 

The movement is never done like other movements aren’t done. Movements are created because there is an issue that needs to be fixed. The governments aren’t doing anything so, the people will.

“No, it’s a movement, not a moment. Just because it isn’t ‘trending’ anymore doesn’t mean it’s over,” junior Dannizza De Leon said. 

The Black Lives Matter Movement is never done until the issues that started the movement are controlled or rather stopped. It has to be put to an end.  

“The whole movement of BLM was created to stop the inequality and poor treatment they have received and that still lives on today sadly,” junior Alyssa Conley said.

Race is a big factor in today’s world. It has been for years. It’s not just about the black community as well. 

All races are in danger unless you are the original American color; white. 

“BLM is only a chapter in the long fight against discrimination, this charter is far from being done,” Spanish teacher Mr. Massip said.

As well all know, the Asian community is facing the same hate and discrimination as the black community. 

Hispanics, Mexicans, Latinos, Phillapinos, and other races are facing the same discrimination as black folks. 

They’ve all created movements or protests to fight for equal rights. Their movements might not be known or in the history books but they were never done. 

“Life is going to continue on as minorities like the black community continue to fight for their lives. until there is equality- fighting got the oppressed is never truly over,” De Leon said.

Each year there seems to be a problem with racism, discrimination, equal right, and more. As a world, we are getting old and tired of repeating history. We’re supposed to grow.

“It would be good if there were not a need to fight for equal and fair justice for people of black and brown skins,” teacher Mr. Massip said.

It’s been nine years since the BLM movement have been established. It seems like this movement is going to continue in the future. Just because it’s died down doesn’t mean it’s over and forgotten.

“I think that’s how it’s going to go in the future too. I think the movement will come around in spurts when big events happen & then die down a bit,” sophomore Ofelia Mejia said. 

When is a movement really done? We can’t stop every form of racism at the ends of the earth. 

“I think last summer was just the start of it and there’s still a lot of problems we see within police brutality and the black community that still needs to be more spoken about and stopped,” Conley said.

The BLM movement and all other movements aren’t really done. 

“I don’t think it’s done, but I don’t think it’s at its prime anymore. Last year the movement was at its height but as of recently, it seems like no one talks about it anymore,” Mejia said.

BLM and other movements are important. It may not be trending or the talk of the year but, they are powerful. This movement is never over. It will strive for greatness. They doing their part in the shadows. Until the entire world comes into an agreement that ALL lives matter then, movements are never over.