Students Need A Class To Help Them With The Real World


Keyana Williams, Special Sections Editor

Everyone can agree that being an adult is hard. 

The adult life comes with bills, insurance, taxes and most of the time teenagers are just thrown into that life after high school with no guide on how to handle these things or even where to start.

It’s interesting to see a lot of high schools actually don’t really prepare their students for their next phase in life.

A difficult adjustment such as this would benefit others if it were introduced, talked about, or taught to students so that they can have an idea of what they’re about to step into.

“Once we all graduate, we’re thrown out to the world with not much knowledge on how to function as adults who have to pay things like bills and such,” junior James Banks said. “So a class that teaches that would be life saving.”

A class that teaches students who are rapidly approaching adulthood how to deal with these responsibilities would be highly appreciated and beneficial.

“As a junior who only has one year left in school I do believe that the school district should consider making a class to teach students about taxes, applying for jobs, paying bills, etc.,” said junior Joseline Soto. “Having a class that provides you with help about the real world is a great help to us. I know that I would take that class as it would help me prepare for life after high school.”

Here at Sunrise Mountain, there are a few life skill classes offered. Classes such as Math of Personal Finance, Employability Skills, and even how to write resumes which are taught to students through the English curriculum. 

Considering this would be a pretty important and informative class, why aren’t these classes required or encouraged more for students to take?

“There has been a shift in society over the last several years to have schools teach more life skills, to ensure that all students had that information, regardless of their home situation,” assistant principal Ms. Ruesch said. “As of right now, the State of Nevada Department of Education has not mandated any such class as part of the graduation requirements for the students in Nevada. Sunrise Mountain does offer a College and Career center, to assist students with job application, finding jobs, college applications, financial aid, and even joining the military.”

Although the class is available, there are some students who aren’t even aware these classes exist.

If one of these lifestyle classes were required to take to graduate, the knowledge they learn in these classes could really impact a student and follow them through the rest of their life.

“I do believe the benefits we would get as high students would set us up for success,” said senior Ay-Reonn Oliphant. “When it comes to stepping out into the real world, a lot of us could use a class like that. As many math classes we have to take, why not have a mandatory class that we know would help us now and in the future.”

There are several teenagers who grew up seeing their parents pay off certain things so they might be somewhat familiar with these oncoming responsibilities.  

However, there are also tons of students who have no idea, so with a class like this it gives them the opportunity to learn about it.

“Some families don’t even talk about financial responsibility,” said Student Council advisor Ms. Seebock. “It is hard for a person to go out into the world for the first time without the basic skills that get overlooked. Grocery shopping, transportation, housing, health care, employment, and budgeting for all needs. Some classes touch base lightly on these needs, but I think there is a lack of education overall about these necessities.”

With many missing out on a class like this, more and more students will continue to leave high school with a missed opportunity to learn more about the not so fun things that will soon start to occur.

Hopefully these lifestyle classes will be pushed on students more and help really prepare them for adulthood, so it’s not so nerve racking when the adult responsibilities set in.