Virtual Prom Highlights Senior Activities As Year Nears Its End


Angie Garcia Pena, Staff Writer

It’s the end of an era for the seniors and what an emotional rollercoaster it has been. Everything has been out of the ordinary for the seniors.

From online learning to a hybrid schedule and now their senior activities are quite unusual. 

It was announced that instead of a normal prom the seniors would be having a virtual Prom. Where it’s all going to be online and the theme is destination prom. You get to decorate your area how your “dream get away” would be. 

The real question is whether the students think this is enough for their last year of high school.

I don’t really like this virtual Prom, because we don’t get the full experience,” stated senior Elizabeth Raines. “I think that we could have had an actual Prom just wear masks.”

A virtual Prom is cool and all but it’s not the full experience. Seniors look forward to dress up and enjoy their last dance with their friends.

However, the students didn’t get to feel that experience since it was online and they were alone staring at a screen. 

The Miner staff were looking at different possibilities for these senior activities, knowing well that this year’s Prom was going to look unusual. 

“The events will not look the same because at this time there are still limited capacity for events,” said assistant principal Ms. Loewy. “We will follow whatever guidelines are in place by the district at the time of the events and will be looking at many different types of models (virtual, drive-up, and even small group events).”

With the restrictions still in place, prom wasn’t able to be like any other year. To keep everyone safe the best option that the school decided on was a virtual prom.

“I feel like they could have done the same thing for Prom as previous years,” voiced senior Jose Parra. “Normal Prom but with some restrictions, like social distancing and wearing masks.” 

As said before, the seniors belief that the school could have done a normal prom but with the restrictions of social distancing and wearing masks. 

Senior year has been one stressful year for them that having somewhat of a normal prom could have been good for them.

Finally being able to see their school friends and celebrating with them the fact that they are graduating. 

There were some things that could have been left for the seniors to decide since it is their year. For example, they could have left them the option of either a parking lot, football field, or a virtual Prom. 

Since the parking lot and football field are outside, it wouldn’t be an enclosed area where the virus could get stuck in.

Either way, the seniors got a Prom. It might not have been how they wanted but they got to have one. 

It’s already a year to remember. Their senior year will be like none other. It’s a not so normal senior year but as long as everyone is healthy that’s all that should matter.