Has COVID-19 Made Families Closer Together Or Farther Apart?


COVID-19 came out of nowhere. People were not prepared, but some made the best out of it even while dealing with financial stress and family members not making it through the pandemic.

During this time, however, family got closer and got to have fun, get to know each other more and have fun all together. 

“For my family, yes, it brought us together,” said assistant principal Ms. Shive. “We were isolated in our homes together all the time on weekends and after dinner we would a stay at the table and play a bunch of games until late.

Some families don’t live together, so it COVID-19 really didn’t affect them in any matter, but it truly depends how close you were before COVID-19 with your family. 

Some people live in abuses homes which going out to school or anywhere were there escapes from home but some families have always been great and quarantine got them even closer.

“This depends on the home,” said World History teacher Ms. Ives. “If the person lives in an abusive home, they feel like they can’t escape, but if they are in a good home they want to be home.”

Some families stressed each other out because they were always together while others supported each other when tough times and got to know each other. 

“I think the answer depends on the family. Some families found support from each other,” said coach Teague. “While other families were under more stress from each other.”

Although COVID-19 was hard people lost a lot and had so much stress they had their family who helped them and with that help they came closer and in the future they will remember the good memories. 

“It depends on the families some that were affected  lost jobs and had financial distress,” said health teacher Mr. Schwing. “Though I think some families came together and will look back at the good times.”

COVID-19 may had ups and downs. Some people came together when their family members were ill, which is good that they are closer, but bad since they sometimes lost family.

“In my opinion I think it has brought both good and bad times,” said sophomore Andrew Ray Jones. “Good, as bring family together and bad as in family getting together and bad as in family getting COVID-19 not making it.”

Families that live together got closer, but like grandparents, aunts, uncles that don’t live with you it could be hard since you had to social distance and couldn’t see them.

“I feel like there’s no right or wrong answer to that,” said freshman Alexis Medina. “Families have gotten closer because of quarantine but they’ve also gotten farther apart because of social distancing.”

This pandemic has taken a lot of family members which is why you should be grateful for  time you spend with your family.

“Normally on weekends before the pandemic my daughter would typically would be out with friends,” said Shive. “Because of these circumstances, we spent so much time together.”

Most people take everything they have for granted but during this pandemic a lot of people have loved being with their family and noticed life is short.

“That time was priceless, we lost my father in law to COVID-19 in December and I will forever be grateful for all the family time we had together with him beforehand,” said Shive.

“Obviously I wish it didn’t take a pandemic to get the family together so often,” added Shive. “But it did make us realize how short life is and to cherish family, hold them close and don’t take tomorrow for granted.”  

This Pandemic brought some families closer together because they started being grateful and spending time with each other while bringing others farther apart because they stressed each other.