Quarantine Helped Build Character While I Was Stuck At Home


Jasmine Parduhn, Photo Editor

Being at home for reasons such as quarantine, virtual school, and a mix of both; can take a toll on how we develop as humans since we tend to grow as characters with social interactions. 

However, with the bad also comes the good! Taking the time away from the outside world can give you time to work on your mental, physical, and spiritual state. 

I enjoyed being able to learn more about myself, where I got used to understanding my own personality and my likes/dislikes. 

One way I did that was from picking up hobbies like attempting getting a green thumb and painting. These hobbies have helped me build character development. 

Painting helped me build patience, where I realized I am not as artistically inclined as I thought I was, so I automatically attempted to build that skill. 

My love for plants has grown so much over this long period of time, like most people, where I enjoy trips to Lowes and small plant shops to fill my room with! 

I believe I grew into a more mature person and a boost of self confidence from being at home all the time, where I actually enjoy learning more about myself. 

This self confidence took time to build from learning how to enjoy my own company, without the help of socialization that usually speeds up the time of building your character. 

My biggest flaw used to be counting on others to keep me entertained and confident about myself. This sudden break from the outside world, helped me go through the transition of what it is like to be independent. 

I would not have ever learned how to do this, without my parents. My parents always gave me my space during this quarantine, but also made sure that I go out to enjoy nature. 

Being an only child and really close to my parents, the most I really learned about my parents that can be considered new, was their love of always finding new ways to take up time. 

My mom decided to go the clean route, where she focused a lot on Amazon-ing cleaning products and deep cleaning the kitchen one to two times a week. 

My dad took the activity route, where he wanted to explore new parks with our dogs or go bike riding. This allowed for family bonding time, where it includes our dogs who never really got the chance to go outside with all of our busy schedules. 

Having too much time can never be a bad thing. In this case, I see that this quarantine has prepared us for the new society that is coming our way that will always make sure we are hustling.