How Do Athletes, Coaches Feel About Playing Again?


Maribel Olea Ocampo, Staff Writer

One consequence of COVID-19 this past year is the inability for student athletes to participate in sports. It cancelled out the spring 2020 season, the fall 2020 season and the winter 2020-21 season. Now that they are able to play again, how are they feeling?

Athletes were not allowed to participate because of the increased chance of contracting the coronavirus. However, spring sports has changed everything.

“I actually feel happy that I’m able to play my sport on the court again,” said volleyball sophomore Jay Diego Jauregegui.

Athletes are excited to meet their coaches or reunite with prior coaches and are wishing for the best.

“I think we’re all pretty excited to start again,” said junior Emily Vergara. “It’s been a while, but last year we had pretty good coaches, so it’s exciting to see how things are go again once we play again.”

“They are looking forward to the next competition,” said baseball coach Mr. Taylor. “While staying focused on improving their skills and raising their baseball IQ.”

Being able to play again means that the athletes have to be more attentive on their grades, because a lot of athletes grades went down. That, unfortunately, has been the case with a number of early season games getting cancelled due to academic ineligibility.

“I am glad we will be able to play again in the upcoming year,” said sophomore Cynthia Sanchez. “I will be more focused in school due to wanting to play.”

Athletes have not played since COVID-19 started, which means they are maybe not at their best, but they are working hard. Coaches have seen their growth since they begin playing again.

“I assume they are excited about playing again. Practice numbers have been pretty consistent,” said coach Williams Jr. “Athletes have been pushing themselves. We can see the growth since we have started.”

The number for participation is not like it used to be because a lot of athletes are not able to play at the moment because of parents not letting them since the pandemic is still going on.

Coaches have been happy to be back to coaching because with the break they had. Coaches know athletes feel the need to be back, knowing it affected them without being able to do what they love.

“The participation numbers are not as high as we would like as coaches,” said Williams. “But personally it has been a joy being able to be in ‘coaching mode’ again.”

Athletes who are eligible are pleased to finally be able to play again, have competition and move on with playing their sport.

“The athletes seem to be excited to be back in sports and having the opportunity to compete again,” said coach Courtney. “Those eligible students are progressing nicely and are making the best out of the opportunities being provides.”

Athletes are making the most of it now that they are allowed to participate in what they like doing. Even though they still have take precautions because of the virus.