Tips On How To Nail Your Job Interview


As the school season is ending and summer comes, students are either getting ready for a seasonal job, finding jobs to work while there is more time during the summer, or trying to find a way to make money.

At the end of the day, everyone wanting a job has to go through an interview before working. 

If you’re nervous or just wondering how to nail the interview to get the job just keep reading!

After asking both students and teachers, most of their advice was to dress to impress, research the job, body language, and be yourself.

“Dress to impress! Doesn’t matter what job you’re applying to,” said Ms. Barajas. “Always dress professionally and look your best.”

It is very important to dress professionally because the interview is a first impression for employers to see how you present yourself. By “cleaning yourself up” to the best of your abilities, the employer can see your seriousness and respect for the working environment which will likely score you points with your possible new boss.

“It is important to have good body language like sitting up and having eye contact,” said senior Carrie Gudgeon. “It shows the interviewer that you are interested in the conversation.”

Good body language will speak for what you are not saying. If you are slouched, the interviewer may assume things like you are uninterested and irresponsible, but if you are sitting straight it will show your confidence. Eye contact is another key to winning the job, because it shows the employer that you are fully paying attention and interested in the job.

“Do your research before the interview.” said Barajas. “Practice interview questions and have your answers ready to go.”

In doing this, you can learn more about the history and environment of the job you are interviewing for. This is an advantage because you can think of possible answers, that connect to the job, for the questions they’ll ask you. You may feel less nervous and more confident in your answers. 

Lastly, BE YOURSELF! Though it is important to stay professional, employers want to see what kind of person you are and if they want you to be a part of the environment or family they have made at work. So let your personality shine through!

“Out of all of the advice I could give about interviews, my main one would be to just be yourself,” said senior Aryana Martinez. “An interview is all about first impressions and if an employer likes your energy the more chance you have of getting the job.”

Now that you have read some advice on how to nail a job interview it is time for you to go get that job! Good luck!