You Don’t Need To Plan Out Your Life To Appreciate It


People will tell you how time flies once you enter high school and everything will end in a blink of an eye and I never believed in it, but now I realize everyone was right.

It feels like yesterday I was in middle school doing dumb things because I was living stress free, but now four years later I’m struggling trying to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life.

As a freshman, I always thought, ‘Ehh I shouldn’t stress so much about my future. I have so much time, but now time is ticking and I’m lost.’

I never understood why counselors and other administrators thought of going to college for the next four to six years so much, because as a growing teenager, you can’t pick what you want to do in just one day.

Teachers and counselors have a hard time understanding that and have a hard time understanding that you can’t pressure students and dig the idea of college into their brain so much that if they end up not continuing school, they’ll feel like a failure.

As a sophomore, I was getting asked all the time from counselors what I wanted to major in and what schools I planned on going to and I always thought, ’Dude what? I have time. Let me worry about my school project first before I start worrying about college.’

Now as a senior, I have no idea what I want to do. I feel lost and unmotivated. 

I was so set on the idea of going to college and becoming a social worker and later on joining the FBI and now I hate the idea of both of those things.

For the freshmen, sophomores, juniors and heck even seniors reading this, trust me. It is OK to not know what you want to do.

You don’t have to plan out the rest of your life in a day. Don’t let people make you feel like you can’t be successful without finishing school.

It’s OK to go out and have fun, without having to worry and question your whole life.

Be young and have as much fun as you can while still doing good in school so you’ll always have your education no matter what. 

I used to tell myself I’m going to do this and this, but now that I’m older, I wish I would’ve slowed down and let myself live in the moment.

No one has a set plan with their life, even the ones who think they do, have to go through obstacles and struggle which can change those plans. 

Don’t compare yourself to those who are getting paid more than you, have a better car than you, have better clothes, or got accepted to a certain school.

They are no better than you, your time and success will come. Everyone has their own time for success and happiness.

Go out, live in the moment, don’t stress, and always remember feeling a certain way and feeling lost in life is OK.

Do what makes you happy and what will make you feel like you are succeeding in life.