Students Turn To Friends, Family For Motivation This Year


As our first year of learning virtually is coming to an end, we must remember what helped us stay motivated.

What helped us feel like we are important, who helped us vent, who loved us and stuck by our side through this rough year.

Throughout this year students have lost motivation, they are letting themselves fail, they are feeling hopeless as to questioning if they will end the year right or not.

Everyone deserves to have someone right there for them to help them stay inspired and help them pick up their moods to go on and do better.

“My motivation for this odd year would be my family and friends,” said senior Alvaro Guzman. “Especially my sister, I have always seen her push through it even in the most difficult times. It has always motivated me to do better, no matter what crosses my path.”

Siblings might be your first bully, but they’ll always be your first friend. Siblings help you through it all and never let you fail.

You could feel like giving up and letting things be how they are, but your sibling will never let you do that to yourself. They’ll always be there to pick you up and knock some sense into you.

“My sister,” explained senior Kenia Carrasco. “She is the person I rely on whenever I feel bad or feel the need to talk to someone. She brings my spirit up, especially during this difficult/ weird year. We’ve become closer and that’s one good thing that’s come out of this whole thing.”

Although some siblings don’t have the closest relationship through tough times they’ll set their problems aside and be there to help one another. Nothing can break a sibling bond.

“I definitely believe teachers/counselors/social workers/administration have been a big motivation for student success during this time,” states site coordinator Ms. Barajas. “I know the staff at Sunrise has been working extremely hard to get students motivated to finish off the year strong. However, I also believe family and friends play a big role in motivating students to do well this year. I think everyone has played a big or small role in the lives of students during this difficult time and the SMHS community has come out stronger because of it.”

Some may not have family at all, but they will have their teachers and counselors there to help.

You may think you are being bothered by your counselor for asking for help or you may be afraid to ask, but never be afraid!

They are there to help you no matter the situation you are in. Even if it’s not school related, they’ll be the most accessible person on campus to help you.

“My daughter Mia was definitely my biggest motivation this school year,” said senior Xian Cordero.  “I want to be able to give her the life that I’ve never had when I was younger. I want her to be able to pick and choose what she wants to do in life instead of struggle.”

Some students settle for less and don’t let themselves do better, but someone like Cordero is not letting anything come her way in reaching her goals.

She wants to be the person her daughter looks up to and wants to grow to be as strong and successful as.

“The advice that I would give someone looking to obtain or build up motivation is to ask themselves where they would like to see themselves tomorrow, in a week, in a year, or five years,” noted Sunrise’s social worker Ms. Canty. “After they think about their goals, they have to look at the objectives or the steps that it will take to get there and what it will mean for them to achieve their goals. A person can also think about when they were once happy and motivated, what did that look like, and how they got there? When you are feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated, the best is never losing sight of the end goal.”

Right now may be a giving up moment and you may be feeling it is impossible to go up from here, but there’s nothing that can stop you from being the person you want to be.

Slowly, but surely everyone reaches their goals and looks back and realizes every obstacle and struggle they went through was worth it because they are living the great and beautiful life they have always dreamed of.

Difficult times don’t last forever and sometimes we have to go through those bad moments in order to appreciate the good ones,” said Barajas. “It’s OK to take your time and focus on your mental health, but you still have to wake up every morning and try.”

Success comes with time, everyone has their own time and your time will come. It’s okay to feel unmotivated and feel lost.

Everyone once in their life will feel the way you may be feeling; unmotivated, lost, confused, and sad. School will have everyone feel like this once in their life.

Those feelings will only last for a while, you will learn to pick yourself back up and find that motivation that will help you finish school and go on to succeed in your life.